Jays Rookie Davis Schneider Makes MLB History With 9 hits And 2 Homers In His First 3 Games

Aug 6, 2023

Holy crap. The Jays have a good one here. You read the title correctly, Davis is the first player in MLB history with 9 hits and 2 homers in his first 3 games. He has given the Blue Jays no choice but to leave him in the lineup moving forward.

After going 3-for-3 on Saturday, Schneider went 4-for-5, becoming the first major-league player ever to record nine hits and two home runs in his first three games.

Both home runs were no doubters by the way. Friday’s blast off James Paxton travelled 377 feet and would have left the yard in 29 of 30 MLB ballparks. Sunday’s drive was measured at 425 feet and would have cleared the fence at all 30 stadiums.

Schneider leaves Boston hitting an insane .692 with a 1.887 OPS and five RBI.

Of course, he is on an incredible heater and will cool off but we are super happy for him. He had to scratch, claw and pay his dues to make it into the majors.

The New Jersey native is the best development story in a long time, as he was selected in the 28th round of the 2017 draft. He has methodically worked his way through Toronto’s farm system.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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