Jess Allen From ‘The Social’ Now Says She’s Privileged And She’s Still Not Sorry

Nov 16, 2019

I get why musicians get tired of playing the hits.  I’m so tired of this Jess Allen/Don Cherry culture war that I’m yearning to post a story about a woman who bit a guy’s wiener because she was frustrated.

So let’s whip through this quick so I can do that before I start the BBQ (Burgers tonight).

Jess Allen, one of the hosts of the social boxed all hockey players as the tended to be white, mean, rich boys, as disrespectful assholes.

Then she addressed it with some verbal diarrhea and refused to apologize instead she (visibly shaken) tried to tell hockey lovers a story about her Grandpa.

Then, survivors of the horrific Humboldt bus crash decided to never do interviews with CTV stations because of Jess’s shitty portrayal of hockey players so CTV issued an apology.

You with me, so far?

Jess has now released another statement for the world to shit on proclaiming her privilege while changing the narrative to hatred towards ‘very specific’ hockey players who hurt her in high school.



I just did it right there.  It requires ZERO effort and almost always quells the hate, especially if you mean it.

I choose not to be offended by what Jess Allen said because I’m not a pussy and have no skin in the game.  I get why people are pissed off because what both Don Cherry and Jess Allen said was hateful rhetoric but they’re not hateful people.  Well, at least I don’t think Jess is.

I came across this interview with done circa 1990 and I’m not sure about him.

I kinda like Jess’s bold stance here, to be honest.  I mean, the hatred won’t go away and she’s gonna get sworn at when she gets groceries with this strategy but good for her, I guess.   It seems career-limiting too but who am I to give advice…

Dean Blundell

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