Joe Rogan says ‘Canada is falling apart’ from his studio in Texas, the state with the most incarcerated citizens in the USA

Aug 14, 2023

The most popular podcaster on the planet took another shot at Canada, claiming that this country is falling apart due to its COVID response. He also cited the Trudeau government’s response to the convoy, including the lockdown mandates and the frozen bank accounts of those who donated to the protest.

Rogan has criticized Canada before, and he is mostly right about his critiques; not one bank account should have been frozen, and there were contradictory actions/announcements by the Trudeau government that made them easy to criticize.

However, the irony of listening to a podcaster doing a show from Texas was thicker than a state-sold hoagie. Texas currently imprisons the most citizens of any state, in a country that takes away freedom and liberties more than any other country on Earth.

135, 906 prisoners are currently being housed in Texas prisons. The population of Texas is 30 million people.

Canada, with a population of 40 million people, currently has just under 32, 000 people incarcerated. Think about that for a second, then ask anyone in America currently behind bars for minor offences, or because they couldn’t afford bail, what country they would rather be living in.

Or hey, given Rogan’s recent foray into the field of medical expertise, I wonder how many Americans who can barely scratch out a decent wage, what health system they would rather utilize – a for-profit system where you can easily go bankrupt if you get sick, or a flawed universal system where you may have to wait a little longer to get free care.

We froze bank accounts in an anecdotal example of an over-parental government, and that was bad. Meanwhile, America waits until their freedom to have guns results it yet another school shooting.

Because liberty means taking some risks, such as the lives of children paying the price for all those patriotic gun enthusiasts.

Of course, Canada makes massive mistakes. Every country does. But our mistakes pale in comparison to the endless pile of disaster capitalists in America, including their for-profit prison system which has made it legal to enforce slave labor because prisoners have zero liberties.

Listen, Joe, that’s cool if you don’t want to live in Canada. It’s fine that you view our entire country through the lens of our COVID response. That’s up to you.

The key difference is that the shortcoming of liberty and freedom in America is sewn into the cultural fabric, predating COVID by a couple centuries as America endlessly recycles different ways to fuck over its people.

You might be a great podcaster, but for the life of you you still don’t know how to make a cogent argument.

James Di Fiore

Blackballed isn't just a podcast name, it's a lifestyle for James DiFiore. James has garnered a massive following in the digital space for going against the grain. He says things no one else will.

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