John Ross Bowie (“Big Bang Theory/Speechless/Jumanji: The Next Level”) stops by Do. Did. Will. “The Story of People” Podcast

brentonontour May 31, 2023

He’s an Actor, Writer and funny as hell, this week John Ross Bowie stops by Do. Did.  Will. “The Story of People Podcast!”

You will know John Ross Bowie (Sounds like Maui) as Barry Kripke in the smash hit “Big Bang Theory” or perhaps as Minnie Driver’s husband Jimmy DiMeo on “Speechless” — to name a few. Or how about in one of his movies like “The Santa Claus 3” or “Jumanji: The Next Level”?

With a story to tell, John recently released a memoir called “No Job for a Man” and what better way to tell his story after releasing a book than to appear on a podcast that also tells the “Story of People!”?

On the episode we talk about his journey to Hollywood from NYC, landing his first part and the struggles and jobs he needed to work to get there, the current writers’ strike and what might be next for him, his peers and all of Hollywood and so much more!

Available on all platforms and wherever you get your pods! Or, you could click HERE for your drive home and enjoy a tale from a TV icon that’s really just getting started!




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