Jordan Peterson Is Starting “The Peterson Academy” Where YOU Can Get A Professional Victim Degree With A Major In Crying

Sep 28, 2023

I LOVE the sales Job where he’s frothing at the mouth for being outed as a total fucking quack by EVERYONE in his profession around the world. Nothing sells like screaming, “fuck you, I’ll radicalize INCELS myself.”

COOOOOOOL. Will a university with no credentials, run by a religious zealot with no standing in his chosen profession and no peer-reviewed papers, give others like him a degree? Hot stuff. Moscrop is right. Sweet gig.

Dubbing yourself as an exception to every rule based on resentment, extremism, conspiracy theories, and lies is the strategy of the damned in 2023.

-Russell Brand uses this strategy to stay cash positive during an ongoing investigation into multiple rape allegations.

– Andrew Tate created the Tate Academy handing out “Pimping Ho’s Degrees” (Ph.D.’s) to other INCELS. He’s been Charged with Sex Crimes, Rape and International human trafficking.

– Jordan Peterson’s daughter (Mikaela – the one in the video) dated Andrew Tate for a spell and works with his “digital team.”

I wonder what the course load at Peterson Academy looks like:

*Benzo Mixing 101: Can I mix zombie pills with steak and kefir in a blender?

*How To Dress Like A Smurf:

Dream Interpretation: What Your Grandma’s Pubes Mean To The Intellectual.

How To Blame Others For Everything On Your Way To A Better You:


A certificate from Toastmasters carries more weight than a piece of paper from Jordo’s new Incel U, but I can’t WAIT for frosh week. It’ll be a Double Dutch rudder orgy for the ages.




Dean Blundell

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