Jully Black’s anthem change rattles far right, and Jordan Peterson

Feb 21, 2023

It is drawing the ire of reactionaries across this country, including famous academic Dr. Jordan Peterson; Jully Black, while singing Oh Canada at the NBA All-Star game, changed one word is now persona non grata to all those who do not know the meaning of persona non grata.

Well, Jordan Peterson probably knows the meaning, but I thought there might still be some semblance of not-crazy inside him.

Not only did Black reflect a more accurate history of Canada, she did it so subliminally, with such perfect minimalism, that the very protesters who squatted with 18-wheelers on our nation’s capital, disrupting the nearby residents for weeks, are now blasting one protestor whose lone voice didn’t disrupt one soul.

And we wonder why we are so polarized.

If you are complicit in the pile-on currently aimed at Black, you might want to just relax a little. She changed “Our home and native land” to “our home on native land.” That’s it.

Jesus Christ, Jordan. How can you in good faith ever call any lefty a snowflake ever again? And look at yourselves, convoy crew. Look at your tweets and your reaction to Black. You act like a one syllable edit is more excruciating to endure than a posse crisscrossing the nation, blocking border crossings, and defecating all over the streets of Ottawa.

She changed one word. It was one second. You set up shop and put your feet up for 3 weeks.

This is why people find your ilk to be a mile wide and an inch deep. I get it, you don’t like Justin Trudeau. Neither do I. I get it, you believe the government has overstepped its mandate and is exercising incremental control over our lives. Yeah, me too.

But this innocuous, low-hanging fruit of the “so what?” variety turns you into the caricature many saddle you with. You are handing the other side the ammo you pretend doesn’t even exist in the first place.


If you have ever gleefully used the word Turdeau, or Trudope, but clutch your old lady pearls at the underlying meaning of changing “and” to “on” you are not a serious person.

Libertarian tears is supposed to be paradoxical. You crybabies aren’t patriots, you’re pre-schoolers.

Jully Black should be in the same conversation as Colin Kaepernick, or Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, only she did it with an economy of content that made it even more impactful. I repeat, it was a one-second, one-woman, one glorious point made, protest.

I’ll take that over honkies honking any day.

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