Kanye Returned To IG To Tell Everyone He Hasn’t Had Any Super Model P**** In Over A Month And Lost Two Billion In One Day

Oct 29, 2022

Kanye does it better than anyone else, INCLUDING getting canceled.

And he’s caneled, alright.

Last week Skechers threw him out of the building after showing up unannounced to sign a mystery partnership with your Dad’s favorite shoe company.


Yesterday his “Donda Academy School” closed after the faculty quit. He lost every brand partnership he’s forged, AND he took to Twitter to tell his manager, Emanuel, he hasn’t had supermodel P**** in over a month and lost 2 billion in one day. He still loves everybody – except Jewish people.

Kanye is one of those guys who doesn’t get consequences or know how things work in the real world.

Director Kevin Smith once told me a story about Prince that reminds me of Kanye.

Kevin was visiting Prince in Minnesota after being asked to work on a Prince doc for Prince and witnessed Prince wonder why his assistant couldn’t just get Prince a camel at 3 am in the idea of Winter in Minnesota.

Seriously. he talked about it in his Kent State Appearance YEARS ago,

After a 20-minute conversation, Prince left angry without a Giraffe, and Kevin called it “Prince World.”

Kanye world must be a fucking TRIP. Calling a Tweet about going “Death Con 3 on Jews” “Love Speech” is a Kanye world thing as much as showing you to Skechers and begging your agent for help getting some “Supermodel P**** is. As far as he’s concerned, those are normal requests and conversations in Kanye world because the world bends toward Kanye’s influence.

When that influence is gone, Kanye really loses it, and it’s happening right now.

As someone who hasn’t lost 2 billion in a day and someone who hasn’t had supermodel p**** ever, I hope he’ll be ok.






Dean Blundell

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