Karma has a funny way of coming back around to bite you in the ass

Mar 6, 2023

Be careful what you dish out – you just might get served the same thing

The old adage that “what goes around comes around” still holds true. All the more reason to always strive to be a good person in the world. When we treat others with kindness and respect, not only do we ourselves benefit, but we add a little more positivity to the world. By effecting positive change, a shift in attitude and behaviour can have a ripple effect. So, whatever it is that we can do – whether it be as small as helping a neighbor in need or as large as inspiring social change – doing good will not just benefit others, but ourselves as well.

Having negative energy in your life can be very detrimental. It robs you of your joy, blocks you from developing better relationships, and makes it harder for you to achieve your goals. When you have negative energy, you tend to focus on the things that are going wrong, instead of all the good in your life. You start to attract more negativity, as those around you can sense the energy you are projecting and will respond accordingly. It is important to focus on having positive thoughts and emotions in order to foster positive energy that will steer you towards a better, more fulfilled life. Engaging in activities that make you feel good and remembering the things in life that bring you joy are key components to having positive energy.

Karma has a sense of humour – it usually gives you exactly what you deserve

We have all heard about karma and the effects it has on our lives, but what does it really mean? Karma is essentially the idea that whatever energy you put out into the world will be reciprocated back to you. It is a type of cosmic balancing system, where we ultimately “get what we give”


Karma can be particularly powerful when it comes to how we interact with others. If we treat them with respect and kindness, then we can expect positive outcomes. Conversely, if we behave in a negative manner and take pleasure in other people’s misfortunes, then the universe will send back negative energy and cause bad karma to come our way.

It’s important to be on the right side of karma if we want to be successful and thrive in our relationships, career and life in general. When we take pleasure in another person’s suffering, it reflects badly on us and shows a lack of empathy and understanding. 

Life is too short to be unkind to one another and it will only set us up for bigger failure in the future.

It’s easy to be tempted by the negative energy of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, but ultimately it’s not worth it. Life is full of ups and downs and no one is perfect—so it’s best to rise above it and try to put out positive vibes instead. Show compassion for those who are going through tough times and focus on the good that you can do to help them—this will set positive karma into motion and benefit both of you in the long run.

It is important to note that karma does not always have to be a bad thing. If we take the time to be kind, generous and understanding of others, then the universe tends to reward us with positive outcomes. We are all interconnected and when we show respect and love towards our fellow humans, we are likely to receive it in return.


Ultimately, it is up to us to decide whether we want to be on the right side of karma or not. So why not choose to be kind and show compassion to others? Even small gestures can help to bring happiness to those in need and can set a positive chain of events into motion. In the end, this is how we generate good karma and ensure better outcomes for ourselves in the future.

Being a good person only requires an internal spark – no batteries required

Trying to be a good person doesn’t take much effort. It can be as simple as helping someone in need, offering kind words to those around you, or taking time to reflect on how your actions impact those around you. Good people practice empathy and compassion, both of which are key to developing meaningful relationships with others. Good people also demonstrate acts of generosity, which can be as small as offering a smile or kind gesture. Lastly, good people demonstrate self-awareness, taking responsibility for their own emotions and actions. It may take a little energy to practice these traits, but it is well worth the effort.

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