Kawhi Leonard On Staying In Toronto: “He’s No Dummy”

May 1, 2019

It’s funny how life works.  Sometimes being a big-time insider requires deadly accurate sources. Sometimes you go with your gut.

Sometimes it’s a little of both.


What I heard today from a source close to Leonard is “He’s no Dummy”

“K Loves TO.  He loves the food and the fact he blends into a Mega City.  This is what he wanted and what he didn’t get in San Antonio.  That was Pop’s regime and Kawhi’s been treated to the best basketball experience as a pro.”

I felt like I was watching CNN when one of those dorky Republicans answers a question with the answer to a totally different question.

“Does he stay?”

“Listen, at the end of the day K is K so no one really knows but him.  But he knows Toronto can pay him the most, he loves the city and the team.  He’s no dummy.”

Doesn’t mean he signs and that’s no confirmation he does.  Another tremendous quality in a news breaking insider; Hedging your source.

“He’s weird enough to stay.  If they get to the finals or win, He’s probably gone.  Nothing left to prove and he did what he said he’d do.”

You can’t fault him if Kawhi leaves.  He’s averaging 40 ppg in the second round and hasn’t taken a second off.  He’s a basketball revelation to a fanbase and a city who are used to really good players for who would settle to be here.  Sounds harsh but it’s true.  The Raptors aren’t why I’ve watched every second of every playoff game (Shug lied and said he watched every second of every Leaf game which is a lie so I wanted to show him how to put the truth on front street) for one reason.  Kawhi Leonard Esq.  If Kawhi leaves I want to enjoy having a superstar on my basketball team, even if it’s just for a year.

If the Raptors can keep Kawhi you’re looking at a REAL possibility of a string of Championships.  He’s that good.  It was never more evident than game 2.  While Danny Green, Kyle, Gasol, Siakam were all shitting their pants in their loss to the Sixers the other day, Leonard poured 35 pedestrian points in a game he almost won himself (if he didn’t keep looking for a wide open brick from Green).

I’ve said it before, enjoy this. They’ll beat the Sixers and pump the Celtics and play the Warriors in the finals.  That’s when you need to start live sketching everything Kawhi does for posterity.

kawhi leonard GIF by ESPN

Dean Blundell

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