Keeping The Spice Alive: Your Valentines Cheat Sheet 101

Allie Mars Jan 24, 2023

As we approach the most sexual and romantic month of the year, we, as females, prep to be spoiled and taken care of by our men.

A misconception regarding Valentine’s Day is that it is a day for us gals, but our men deserve to be spoiled too. Over time Valentine’s Day has taught men to treat their significant other with flowers, chocolate, and jewelry. My question is…Why are we waiting for this sort of “treatment” one day a year? And why are we expecting this…and not willing to reciprocate?

In my opinion, when you are in a healthy relationship, it shouldn’t be celebrated once a year that you love one another. This should be observed weekly or at least monthly.

My boyfriend and I started very rockily. We were on and off for the first two months, mainly because we weren’t ready to settle down. We are the healthiest we have ever been six months later. We make it a weekly thing to do on date night.

As of recently, he will let me pick a night to choose everything. That includes dinner, a movie or show, and a little treat like a back massage or a hot bath that gets greasy…

Let’s dive into my top five ways to keep the spice alive regarding the sexiest month of the year! (To be used NOT just on Valentine’s Day)

  1. Lingerie
    If you had asked me years ago if I liked lingerie or if I wore it, I would have said not. Why, you might ask? It just ends up on the floor five seconds later. As I have gotten older, I have learned that lingerie is so sexy in the bedroom, and it’s even sexier and such a turn-on when you see how your man reacts to it. A slow strip tease of a strap or just pulling panties to the side – it’s guaranteed a win-win.
  2. Cook Together
    Going out for dinner is a lazy way to spend Valentine’s Day together.  Being together in the kitchen is way more intimate than spending the night in an overcrowded restaurant. Look up a recipe, try a new dish, and learn it together. Nothing is sexier than quality time. Plus — there is way more opportunity to be bent over the kitchen counter at home. They tend to frown at that at Swiss Chalet)
  3. Take A Weekend Trip/ Night Away/Outdoor Sex
    Nothing says romance like a night away. Trust me; fresh air makes anyone feel good. Plus, who doesn’t like getting freaky outdoors?

  1. Buy Each Other Small Gifts
    Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about gifts. It’s about spending quality time together and appreciating one another. But, if you go the gift route, buy each other something small, whether it be their favorite chocolate, a small gift they might need, or just flowers, it’s always the thought that counts. Lottery tickets and pork rinds work too.
  2. Sex
    Yes — I said it. Sex. Intimacy is one of the essential parts of a relationship. Whether it is making love, foreplay, or making sure the neighbors next door know your names, connecting with your partner in the bedroom is the perfect way to spend a day/night of love for one another. Grab some oil. Fill the tub with creamed corn, stream some questionable porn on the bedroom TV, and pretend it’s Sexual Yoga. Make it fun and greasy, kids. 365.

We all have needs, and for some (me), the perfect ‘O’ is just what we need after a perfect night of romance. Don’t forget that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t only be celebrated once a year. Show your partner love, every day, not just on February 14th.

With love —

Allie Mars

Blogger | Host of Welcome To Marz Podcast

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