Kevin Durant Absolutely Tarnished His Reputation Demanding A Trade From The Nets

Aug 27, 2022

The Kevin Durant trade saga may be over, but I highly doubt that the Kevin Durant drama is over in Brooklyn. On today’s episode of Ray’s Sports Rant, I took a deep dive into Kevin Durant opting to stay with the Brooklyn Nets.

Shams Charania from The Athletic joined the Rich Eisen Show and laid out why Durant and the Nets decided to “continue their partnership”. Essentially there was no trade to be had. The best deal came via the Boston Celtics, but Brooklyn’s asking price was too high. Kevin Durant and the Nets came to the realization that a trade wasn’t going to be made, and Durant had a decision to make. Choosing not to sit out, Durant will play for the Nets this season.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe weighed in on the whole mess. Sharpe took the side a lot of NBA fans have. Sharpe believes that the entire situation is a bad look for Kevin Durant. Shannon Sharpe also questioned what team would want to make a move for Durant knowing he could just demand a trade next season? Skip Bayless on the other hand blamed Kyrie Irving. Bayless believes that Durant’s “life long friend” poisoned the entire Nets organization, and that’s why Durant wanted out.

Stephen A. Smith brought up an interesting point on First Take. The Nets not giving in to Durant’s trade request kept the balance of power in the NBA. Had Brooklyn made the trade it would have told all NBA players that their contracts are essentially worthless. If the Nets fired head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks what power would either position hold?

When you listen to everything that’s been said, I 100% believe that Durant has tarnished his reputation. On the podcast I discuss why giving up assets like Scottie Barnes or Pascal Siakam would have been a disaster for the Toronto Raptors. Durant can’t be trusted, and I don’t blame any general manager in the NBA who wouldn’t sell the farm for a player who can just change their mind next season.

Checkout the clip below from today’s episode, and if you enjoy it, download the entire episode on Spotify. 

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