#Klonndike Papers: Did Michael Yurkovich try to have Nathan Jacobson killed?

Jun 10, 2022

Listening to Nathan Jacobson is a surreal experience. Whether you like him, hate him, or know nothing about him at all, the stories he tells are intriguing, to say the least.

Coming off a week where he had claimed that he and the now-infamous whistleblower, David Wallace, were allegedly asked to “name their price” to “take care of” Justin Trudeau by “any means necessary,” the former conservative party operative dropped another bombshell on The Dean Blundell Show recently, and this time he came with receipts.

Rather, the receipts were found inside the Klondike papers, a massive dossier compiled from years of documents, emails, phone calls and videos, mostly from Wallace during his years as a political fixer. Wallace and Jacobson appeared together on the podcast to shed light on the murky world of Michael Yurkovich, a billionaire in the oil and gas industry who was attempting to salvage a deal he had forged with Ukrainian oligarch, Ihor Kolomoisky, the billionaire investment banker who is largely credited with helping Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky’s rise to power.

Yurkovich had built a new solar energy company in Ukraine, TIU Canada, and was the main supplier of energy to one of Kolomoisky’s factories in the Dnipopetrovsk province. The company, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, a soft-drink factory, was a client of Yurkovich before they pulled the plug and stopped receiving energy from TIU. Yurkovich said his company received a letter stating that the factory was closed for repairs, but soon realized he may have been a victim of what economics experts refer to as “a raider attack,” where companies force smaller businesses to shut down before making an offer to buy the smaller company at a price that is often well below market value.

None of this sat well with Yurkovich. He tried going through the Ukrainian court system but that battle is ongoing, with no end in sight.

This is when Yurkovich decided to hire Jacobson. According to Jacobson and Wallace, he was paid to attempt to broker a deal between Yurkovich and Kolomoisky but was unsuccessful. Why the relationship deteriorated is still unclear, but what happened next was a shock to Jacobson.


Yurkovich, while on the phone with Wallace, offered the political fixer a half million dollars to “bring me the leg and arm of Nathan Jacobson.”

Wallace immediately telephoned Jacobson to tell him about the offer, and the police, including the RCMP were notified. After a few meetings with Jacobson, authorities decided not to pursue charges.

The Klondike Papers are a fascinating collection of compelling stories, gathered during Wallace’s time as a political operative, fixer, and a sometimes shady individual who often finds himself in the middle of headline grabbing stories. He says he was hired to help remove Patrick Brown from office, he was offered an unknown sum of money to help “take out” Justin Trudeau, and was approached by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church to help locate and hand over a member of the church, Richard Marsh, for blowing the whistle on a PBCC scam that bilked Britain’s NHS service millions of dollars.

Blackball Media secured the Klondike Papers in early June. We will continue to unearth and publish stories from the dossier over the coming weeks.

Michael Yurkovich was unavailable for comment.

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