Lakers Could Pursue Raptors Head Coach Nick Nurse

Apr 11, 2022

The Toronto Raptors are headed to the playoffs and the Los Angeles Lakers are heading home, even though they employ LeBron James. It makes you wonder, what if Nick Nurse coached the Lakers? 

A line came out today that an NBA executive believes that the Lakers could try and pursue Raptors head coach Nick Nurse. Clearly nobody wants to hear that. The impact that Nurse has had on the Raptors, including winning a championship has been amazing. We have no idea how true these rumours could turn out to be. Regardless, it’s a shitty thing to wake up to.

First of all, fuck off. This was the last thing that I wanted to hear today. If the Lakers went this direction it wouldn’t be surprising. Nick Nurse is a great fucking coach. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY gave the Raptors a chance in hell to go to the playoffs this season. They’re not just going to postseason, they secured a top six spot, not stupid play in bull shit. Nurse’s complicated defense has made the Raptors a tough team to play against. Nurse demands a blue collar mentality from his team, and as much as I love Pascal Siakam, Gary Trent, Fred Van Vleet, OG, and Scottie Barnes, I don’t the Raptors are where they are with any other coach.

This made me laugh out loud, because I get. Believe it or not, I think LeBron would fucking LOVE Nurse. People talk a lot of shit about LeBron James, but he’s a fucking work horse, and would buy into Nick Nurse’s system immediately. I just don’t know if the rest of the Lakers would buy in. You’d have to assume if LeBron did the rest would follow.

In theory Tjay is right. The Raptors have a young group of guys that are on their way up, and don’t fool yourself, Toronto is only going to get better. But were talking about the fucking Lakers. They can spend money, they’ll get Nick Nurse any player that he wants. Even if Nurse stays in Toronto, you’d be a fool to believe the Lakers won’t be a top team almost right away. There’s way to much of a legacy in Los Angeles, and they are an organization you just expect to improve in the blink of an eye.

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