LeBitch Boy: Lebron James Hammers The Basketball Off Scotty Barnes Face Last Night After Raptors DESTROY The Lakers

Mar 15, 2022


LeBron James and the joke of a franchise the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Toronto Raptors last night at the Staples Centre. It wasn’t close, the Raptors destroyed the Lakers and Scotty Barnes has LBJ iso guarded the entire night and fed him his lunch. LeBron after getting said lunch fed to him was clearly rattled, cussing at his teammates and even tried cave Scotty Barnes face in. Such a Lebron thing to do. LeBronto is no more, the Lakers are slow, old and probably won’t even make the playoffs.

The one thing I take away from this is that the Toronto Raptors are in need of an enforcer. Because the fact that LeBron got away with this without someone immediately rushing him and protecting their rookie is a problem.

On the other hand, check the scoreboard and the standings. Lakers are shit, Lebron is a bitch and their team is in shambles. The Raptors are young, hungry and have a bright future and that’s more than I can say about your movie career Lebron. Enjoy making shit C list movies during the playoffs this year pal.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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