LEGO Zelensky is Here to Kick Some Russian Ass

Joe Williamson Mar 20, 2022

The thing about a major war going on halfway across the world is that even if you want to help, you can feel helpless. You can always donate money and I know they say every dollar helps but somewhere along the line it feels like my $50 is just administrative fees. So you can either donate the $50 and hope it gets to the front line or you can get creative and raise substantial amounts of money.

Joe Trupia owns Citizen Brick a custom Lego shop that Lego definitely does not endorse because his designs aren’t exactly made for the Saturday morning cartoon crowd. He wanted to help the people of Ukraine and started making a mini Zelensky and Molotov cocktails. (Of course)

LEGO Zelensky sold for $100 and the cocktails for $10. In total his team raised more than $145,000 for Direct Relief.

Joe’s got no plans to make more because he doesn’t have the resources but here’s hoping the people at LEGO take note and partner up, officially.

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Joe Williamson

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