Leonardo DiCaprio’s 20 Year Streak Of Not Dating Women Over The Age Of 25 Is The Hottest Streak In Show Biz

Mr. Epidermis Sep 1, 2022

It may even be more impressive than DiMaggio’s 54-game hit streak.

Leo broke up with 25 year old model Camilla Morrone – on her 25th birthday – and he’s single and ready to mingle.

If you’re under 25, Ladies.

A Leo fan who loves math and stats put together this INCREDIBLE legend of Leo’s dating to age ratio over the past 20 years, and it’s amazing to see it instead of reading about is latest.

Dude’s been on a heater for 2 decades and his roster is more impressive when you lay it out like this.

And it’s true: whenever his girl touches 25, Leo splits.  It’s uncanny.  In 20 years, he’s never been with a woman over the age of 25.

He gets older, they stay the same age.

According to his friends, he just cuts bait when the ladies start hearing wedding bells.  Science says you don’t reach intellectual maturity until you reach 25, so it’s one or the other, if I judge from a distance, which I’m clearly doing.

If leo isn’t Leo, there’s no way any of these women are with him. He looks like he works at an automotive parts counter at a Ford dealership.

Camilla? Not so much.


Leo likes to smoke and date young women. That’s it/. He makes movies on the side but is very particular about smoking and women under the age of 25.

Personally, I don’t get it. Maybe he likes drama. Give me 45 over 25 ALL DAY.

Mr. Epidermis

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