Let’s Take A Tour Of All The Responses We Got From Men Jordan Peterson Has Helped Live An Anger Free, Happy Life…

Jan 29, 2023

Jordan and I got into it this week over his fugazi ticket sales for his INCEL world tour.

Jordan Peterson Is Scared Of Me And I Like It

Some people ask why I hate Jordan Peterson. I don’t.

Jordan stands in contrast to everything I believe, every value and virtue I live by, and It’s destroying the minds of young men.

Peterson Fans Aren’t Real Men

You don’t spread hate speech in response to things you don’t like on your way to a happier life, gents.

You don’t blame the government or external forces on your way to a peaceful life where you are accountable for your happiness. But that’s what Jordan preaches to young men. He also preaches sexual assault is a woman’s fault for wearing make-up and high heels, so he’s 0-for-three on the basics of being a man.

That’s why he gets my attention. Throw in his Hatred for transgender people and his love of Russian Orthodox Christianity, and I have hobby enemy for the ages.

Proof of Jordan’s fugazi messaging to other hateful INCELS looking for a place to happen is in the responses of his minions.

After our exchange, Peterson fans came out of the woodwork to prove every one of my issues with Jordan Peterson.

He doesn’t help young men; he radicalizes them.

Jordan Doesn’t Help People; He Radicalizes Them

Most of the JBP stan accounts were bots/trolls, but the real Jordan Peterson fans repeated all the hateful rhetoric/death wishes/pedo/grooming insults.

Remember, these are people who Jordan Peterson’s “teachings” and “12 Rules for Life” have helped all lead happier, less angry lives.

What religious establishment, human being, or troll farm uses death threats and accusations of pedophelia to protect Jordan Peterson? Ones that beleive in the same hateful rhetoric he calls “counseling” or a “Lecture,” that’s who.

Jordan’s 12 Rules are Fascist Incels’ wet dream to blame everyone else for their misery by creating a common enemy. To Jordan, that enemy is secularism or anyone who dares argue with a man who spent a month in a Russian hospital in a coma for extreme Benzo/Xanax addiction.

Jordan’s entire living/reputation results from monetizing the victim industry, and he’s nothing without it. If he keeps telling young men their misery is the fault of the government, women, or trans people, they follow because they are either dumb, religious, or afraid of hard work and personal accountability. Jordan helps them avoid personal responsibility for their happiness, further radicalizing them and keeping the money taps on.

I’ve consumed HUNDREDS of hours of Jordan’s lectures and had the unfortunate opportunity to read his 12 rules. He used to be able to delineate between his convictions/torment and academia, but he can’t anymore. He’s gone. He’s now an island of hate trying to convince other young men it’s warm and sunny on JBP’s “Victim Island.”

The only thing that makes anyone happy is knowing yourself and being accountable for getting better at life.

It is being of good character and acting for the common good.

You are giving away your privilege to those who need it.

TRULY knows what is up to you and what is not.

You are responding in the best interest of your happiness and emotional and mental security.

You are investing in tools to see life objectively, not through your emotional bias.

Learning to let go of resentment and pivoting to give your energy to something positive in your interest of being sustainably happy.

Being accountable for the decisions you make and the situations you put yourself in.

There are two kinds of men in 2023. Those who think things happen to them and choose to live in selfish misery and those who don’t.

The latter tends to be happy, while the previous tends to hurt others, thinking it will bring them happiness if they can bring that person down to where they are.

Misery truly loves company. Ask Jordan Peterson and Peterson fans. Why do you think Jordan does the same Rogan/Daily Wire tour every two months? Why do you think bots/trolls and JBP fans hate the same way? He needs them to beleive his hate and wants them to spread it around like margarine. He intends to radicalize hateful people to give the perception of the relevance of hate as an option.

He doesn’t help people. He radicalizes them for personal gain.

Try some fucking accountability.

I choose my happiness daily with the decisions I make in the best interest of those around me, making me happier.

If I’m wrong, I admit it and look for answers that make me suitable.

If I get my pee pee slapped for not being of good character, I reflect and try to be better, unless I intentionally don’t want to be, and accept the tax for all of it. Also, I don’t defer to a magic sky daddy who hates gay people for my internal compass. That’s a big one.

Jordan tells you to blame everyone else for responding poorly to life by blaming everyone else for putting them there, embracing Religious Hatred and total irresponsibility and hate as a strategy for wellness. It’s never worked and still doesn’t.

Jordan is Sisyphus, pushing that idiot rock up a hill forever. Don’t be like Jordan Peterson.

Sisyphus GIFs | Tenor

Want to learn to be a happy, accountable capable person? Get a therapist.


The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius.

How to Think Like a Roman Emporer By Donald J Robertson

Ego is The Enemy, The Obstacle is The Way, or Stillness is The Key by Ryan Holiday.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Talk to your doctor and devise a game plan—a real Doctor. Not one who pretends to be a doctor and then tells you petting cats will cure your misery.

Surround yourself with men (or women) who display courage, calmness, wisdom, and solutions instead of anger and a victim mentality.

Get busy with being human and learning how to respond to this incredible life WELL instead of being angry at it because you’re not getting what you want.

And learn to be grateful for what you have instead of blaming everyone else because you’re not the center of everyone else’s fucking universe and didn’t get what you wanted.

That’s what losers do.


PS: If you’re an angry Peterson fan, you should ask for your money back. It’s not working.







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