Let’s Talk About Why Doug Ford, The Sitting Premier Of Ontario, Had Lawyer/Journalist Caryma Sa’d Brutally Arrested Yesterday

May 27, 2022

Cartoons. It’s because she makes political cartoons. I’m not kidding.

This happened at a Doug ford rally. Caryma wasn’t protesting. She was invited to Ford’s rally in Hamilton. She RSVP’d and peacefully went to Doug’s fake rally at a private building at the Hamilton airport to record and talk about the event.


She’s been doing this peacefully for two years to give people access to what happens at events we don’t have access to.

She showed up with her invite and confirmation letter from the Ford campaign, and that’s when this Stephen Lecce body double who threatened Caryma at the last event showed up like the castrated hero he is.

THIS is the entire exchange:

“We know who you are.”

“You’re all over Twitter.”

I loved the academic response to Caryma’s political dissent question:

“UUHHH, I’m not Uh, gonna get into that.” No shit. You’d need to be able to comprehend it first, Fuck Face.

Hamilton police were called, and just like that, Caryma was arrested because ‘Doug knows who Caryma is,’ and they don’t want her recording/posting the rally she was invited to on Twitter.

Well-known Lawyer James Bowie is representing Caryma out of Ottawa, and we had them both on Twitter Spaces last night. You can access it here:

There’s nothing left to say. Doug Ford is injuring people he doesn’t like who stand against his shitty political enterprise, and we have three examples of that in less than a week.


Here’s HOW they do it:

They FORCE union reps who Doug Ford is cozy with to sign over trespass authority to Doug’s OPP security detail. According to the letter of the law on private property, that gives Doug Ford free reign to treat ANYONE he and Ontario Conservatives don’t want at rallies like criminals. It shows Ford the physical ability to beat the shit out of any political opponent he likes, and he’s doing just that.

That’s the magical paper Dougie needs to be signed to treat political enemies like trespassing criminals on private property. If Dougie Dipshits is on private property, he can kettle a woman of color who writes funny cartoons about Doug. That’s the game. Silencing ANYONE who negatively portrays him by any means possible.

That’s why Doug wants to hurt Caryma and others who dare to question his criminality.

MSM doesn’t and won’t because Doug treats them the same way. The difference? Caryma has ACTUAL values, like courage, wisdom, temperance, and justice.

We are boiled frogs, and Doug knows it.

What’s a bit of light political violence dressed up as trespassing in a climate where Doug sanctioned a three-week sit-in of extremist hillbillies in Ottawa months ago? If he’s allowed to hurt someone according to the law, he will. He has.

He does.

And it’s SUCH a fucking coward move and SOOOOO fucking telling of the weasel he is.

They are all scared, intellectually stunted weasels who need to hold on to power to stay out of fucking prison at this point.

Caryma’s Charter Rights were obliterated yesterday.

Caryma’s arrest was politically motivated hate directed at a Lawyer who holds Doug Ford accountable in the press. This was third-world dictator shit in our backyard. It was in our front yard, and what happened to a woman simply trying to record a political event on her iPhone yesterday should be a wake-up call when you vote for the next leader of this province.

Caryma will join us today @ 3 pm. Hopefully, her Lawyer James Bowie will be here too. You can watch live and sub here:






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