Jan 19, 2024
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This episode of DROPPING IN Chat GPT Interviews me about Life Beyond Snowboarding:.

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IN this episode we touch on the following and so much more:

  • Balancing the demands of being a professional athlete and personal life.
  • Other interests or hobbies that I’m passionate about outside of the snowboarding world.
  • How sport has influenced my personal growth and development as an individual.
  • Being a part of the RBC Olympian Program.
  • How I managed working while also staying committed to my athletic pursuits.
  • Serving as an Athlete Representative for Canada Snowboard Volunteering and Youth Olympics 2020 Mental Health Awareness.
  • Hosting a Podcast.
  • Coaching Courses and Mentorship.
  • “Ride with an Olympian” at Whistler Blackcomb.

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Mercedes Nicoll

After twenty years of dropping into halfpipe competitions, it's time, time for me to drop into something new. I'm picking up a mic, wrangling some guests and DROPPING into my own podcast. Follow or subscribe to DROPPING IN a podcast with Mercedes Nicoll.

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