Live from Machete Comics debuts!

brentonontour Jan 17, 2023

We kicked it all off last night from Kingston, Ontario the home of Machete Comics.

“Live from Machete Comics” is a weekly show born out of the ashes of the “Kids on the Escalator Podcast” which covers all things Comic Books, Movies, Music, Conspiracy Theories, and more!

Episode one covered Indie Music, Celebrity Lizard people (V ruled), Logan, and Deadpool and the Conspiracy segment about Bob Lazar will blow your mind.

Be sure to tune in Mondays at 9 pm Est/6 pm PST for your weekly dose of awesome and please subscribe wherever you get your pods! Also, if you get some time, be sure to check out the Machete Comics Etsy store for some of the raddest commissions in the land!



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