Loblaws Is Fighting A Small Toronto Artist Over His “Roblaws” Logo’d T-Shirts

Feb 11, 2024

This week, the billionaire grocery store Oligarch Galen Weston went after a lowly T-shirt sales guy. You know, because he has nothing better to do…

A Toronto-based artist who has been taking a public swing at companies that many perceive to be failing their customers is yet again in hot water over his work this week.

Cristofer Lam, whose Metrolinx spoof merchandise went viral before the transit agency made him switch up his design, has now been asked by Loblaw Companies Ltd. to cease production on a line of garments that takes aim at the grocery giant.

In the same vein as his “Metrostinx” shirts, mugs and tote bags, Lam’s Loblaws-themed motifs use a version of the retailer’s logo that is altered to say “Roblaw$,” an obvious reference to the store’s sky-high prices that consumers have been in uproar about for months

(Even better, Lam rewrote the brand’s “Live Life Well” slogan to “Live Life Hungry,” which customers will likely find much more fitting.)

Unfortunately for the artist and his fans, representatives from Loblaw have approached him regarding the items, saying that the reworked logo is too close to their own.

“In today’s episode of ‘What major Canadian Corp is coming after me today,’ we have Loblaws saying my Roblaws shirt infringes on their intellectual property… unless their slogan is ‘Live Life Hungry’ and their logo is a gun and grocery basket I’m not so sure it holds up,” Lam wrote in community Facebook group Weird Toronto on Wednesday.

“Loblaws sucks and if you want one, you now have to message me directly… anyways, keep dragging shitty corporations screwing the people!”

loblaws toronto

Lam’s post about Loblaw trying to crack down on his design has received tons of action in the Weird Toronto Facebook group.

As of Wednesday, Loblaw was successfully able to get the shirts in question removed from Lam’s Etsy platform.

He was, however, able to get around the same issue with Metrolinx in the past by changing the logo yet again, so there may still be hope for those who want to see the Roblaws products continue.

In the meantime, Lam will still sell the stock he has directly, including at local markets like the upcoming Toronto Dark Arts Market in Parkdale on Saturday.

“Everyone has been super supportive of the work… I love seeing them in the wild and that it has made the phrases more popular,” he told blogTO of his various designs last month.

He added that he plans to continue creating and selling new items that take incompetent corporations and agencies to task.

I like this dude. He’s a go-getter who combines creativity with social justice, and Canada’s grocery oligopoly is crooked AF, so he’s on point.

Especially after last week’s bombshell about Jenni Byrne (Pierre Poilievre’s senior advisor) getting paid a BOAT LOAD of cash to lobby for Loblaws while PeePee kept that a secret. Loblaws and Galen Weston are HUGE conservative supporters and donors because they run interference for Galen while he fists you for chicken and frozen waffles. And if there’s one thing Galen takes more seriously than money, it’s the reputation of his companies. There’s no way Galen lets ANYONE fuck with his logo with a reference to stealing from customers.

Most cost-conscious grocery folks call it ” Roblaws,” and Galen doesn’t want it to stick. What he doesn’t know, living in his coffee-colonic-by-the-beach-bubble is that no one has sympathy for a dude who takes himself and fixing the price of bread across the country this seriously. A BILLIONAIRE running one of Canada’s most prominent companies would have better things to do than chase around a T-shirt sales guy who probably rents.

Oh, and that Conservative Party Executive/Jenni Byrne/Loblaws collusive conflict of interest?

Jenni says OTHER people in the office (Jenni Byrne and Associates) torque Loblaw’s reputation; she just cashes the checks and pretends she isn’t moonlighting while not helping the Grocery Oligarch fuck over Canadians while blaming the PM.

AHH. Canada’s “ELITE” Cabal.

I love it when rich, thin-skinned assholes like Galen, Jenni, and PeePee get caught trying to help each other cover up their money orgies.

Their pettiness makes me happy. Anything they can do to prevent the poor people they oppress from eating their faces…






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