Looks Like We’re Getting A “King Of England” Very Very Soon.

Sep 8, 2022

The Queen is (almost) dead. Depending on your worldview of the monarchy, it’s a big/banal deal.

As a dual citizen (the UK and Canada) and someone whose grandfather’s family were royal war photographers, it’s a big deal to the Malindine family (Mom’s side).

According to royal reporters, the Queen is expected to pass any day, ending the longest reign in the Monarchy’s history (70 years). She’s more living history than a Monarch at this point and a rare connection to everyone from JFK to Winston Churchill.  She just welcomed her 15th Primiminster at Balmoral Castle, Liz Truss, instead of Buckingham Palace because she was too unwell to make the trip giving us the last known pictures of the Queen.

Her entire family is bedside with her now, and news reports have Charles preparing to take over the minute she passes.

He’s been waiting for 70 years, AND we’ll get a King and Queen for the first time in 70 years, which will be wild to traditional monarchists.

What a run, though. At 96, she defied all the odds and if you watched “The Crown,” you kind of respect the fact she put duty over EVERYTHING, including her family. She viewed it as her life’s purpose, and despite every negative attachment to the Monarchy, she never abated that duty. I dig that.

She showed up for work every day for 70 years and offered remarkable stability to her country.

Chucky is in his 70’s now, so it won’t be long until we get King William And Queen Kate, AND we’ll have to rejig our money, but whatever. Change is cool and Queen Elizabeth was a jobber.

Long live the Queen?




Dean Blundell

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