MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: Crier Media Creates New Division To Fight Political “Misinformation” For Canadians, By Canadians Who Give A S***

Dec 28, 2023

And YOU can help…


I’m a big fan of perspective. Mine has changed over time and continues to evolve in specific ways. My perspective on the purpose of Crier Media especially.

We’re a blog and podcast network. When we launched Crier Media, we aimed to be a content and revenue solution for content providers, podcasters, etc. We’re a place for podcasters, punters, and writers to play and get paid. That hasn’t changed. Thanks to you and Canada Proud’s lawsuit, what has changed is my perspective and intent regarding the content we create.

A Week After Suing Us For “Embarrassing” Them, Canada Proud/Jeff Ballingall Ask For Money So He/They Can Keep Suing Us. With A Defamatory Tweet.

We were sued because we pushed back against the official gaslighting arm of Pierre Poilievere. Canada Proud. The lawsuit demanded 1) 200k and 2) an immediate injunction preventing me/Crier Media from talking about them, their clients, or their relationship with Pierre Poilevere and Doug Ford. They get paid to curate bad faith “narratives” detrimental to Conservative political enemies, circumventing elections Canada rules related to media funding. Third-party agencies like theirs are skeevy loopholes for political parties to run interference by pretending to be “news” or “Advocacy brands.”

No Bueno.

TBT: A Brief History of Ontario/Canada Proud

It’s already started! Pierre Poilievre’s former campaign Manager, Ontario Proud’s Jeff Ballingall, attacking judge named to head foreign interference inquiry

Here’s the thing: All I see is opportunity.

Due to the overwhelming response to our fight against Jeff Ballingall and Canada Proud’s “lawsuit,” we’re pivoting.

We’re in the process of creating a Canadian-owned community dedicated to fighting. The intention of third-party organizations that get paid to gaslight Canadians. A community dedicated to tracking and correcting lies and half-truths perpetrated by ALL political parties.


Intention comes from purpose. Sure, we love to share fun content and entertain people while informing them, but can we make a difference while doing it? That’s the question we had to ask ourselves when Canadians started to respond to our GoFundMe Campaign to fight Canada Proud’s “lawsuit.”

Our original goal was $25,000. You surpassed that and asked us to go the extra mile. Hundreds of Canadians chose to support our fight against disinformation but asked us to make it our job. So we listened:


Crier Media is creating a division dedicated solely to identifying, tracking, and reporting on bad-faith actors who treat you like a political/financial mark. We’re going to staff it with competent “reporters” who give a shit about the truth. People who want to correct the record in good faith so Canadians can make informed decisions – not emotional ones based on being told Trudeau will cancel Christmas/turn your 4th grader gay.

We want to fight back against organized hate groups feigning parental rights and a return to Christian/Colonial values. We want Crier Media to be home to the most trusted voices ferrying your information in good faith. We want to mock those who want to scramble your brains for a vote or a one-time donation to a political group that steals money from the poor to keep the rich in power. We want to correct the record where needed by connecting dots and offering a baseline of fact and place to cross-reference Canada Proud’s latest Meme or Post Millenials anti-Canadian “Canada is what Joe Rogan says it is” bullshit.

We’re tired of political parties and their paid agents stealing your objective reality. We know the who, how, and why and need your help to create a place to track it and call it out. Crier Media is that place. We are those people and vow to fill up the raster with trusted people and brands who can make you laugh while cutting through life with basic facts and truth.

We will launch the new community by mid-January. We will offer full financial transparency and an ownership stake in the new community for anyone who can partner with support. It will be a fully functional network and media company funded by Canadians, for Canadians to cross-reference the trust score of certain fake “media” or “news” organizations like True North, Canada Proud, and Rebel News, paid by political parties, domestic and foreign.


Any and every donation helps.

Whenever you share the link, it helps, and we are not messing around. We’re doing this and have already started to recruit.

Why? Because our perspective has changed. We can make a difference due to our reach. We can continue to be irreverent but want to make the world around us a little bit better. We want to leave it better than we found with an organic solution driven by YOU.

If we can reach our NEW fundraising goal by mid-January, we’ll launch by the 15th. Unlike Stephen Harper’s latest one million-dollar demand, we’re telling you what we will do with your donation. And if we can out-fundraise Pierre Poilievre’s secret Godfather, we’ll acquire folks and brands that work 24-seven to fact-check bad actors by offering that baseline of fact that seems missing from their narrative.

And yeah, they’ll hate it.

Battling political and business elites requires when they have an abundance of money and community support. We’ve had a two-party system for 200 years because LIbs and Cons live off their corporate relationships. We are lied to with fear porn daily to protect and promote the personal and financial interests of those parties, and it needs to stop.

Let’s stop it together.







Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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