Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews won’t repeat a 60-goal season

Sep 23, 2022

Happy Friday, kids. If you’re not reading this on Friday, I hope it’s still the weekend because Mondays fucking suck. Anyways, I had another fun day cruising Sports Twitter. I did some trolling, educated some stupid people, and detected a few Tweets that needed more attention than 280 characters. Welcome to another edition of Ray’s Sports Rant.

The most common response I saw to this tweet was Auston Matthews only scoring 57 goals. That and people wanted a playoff prediction. Matthews could be the best player in the NHL. Edmonton Oilers fans would probably say, Conor McDavid. I just say, “I don’t care.” The only reason I’m paying attention to hockey is that Dean made me sports director, and Canadians love the fucking ice game. That being said, I have paid attention, done my homework, and am comfortable saying Auston Matthews won’t repeat a 60-goal season.

Matthews had never scored 50 goals before last season, and I expect him to level out. There’s a lot of talent in Toronto, and Griff Bordignon told me to expect a lot of Michael Bunting. Matthews will be sharing goals with his teammates.

The Maple Leafs are going to look fucking spectacular in the regular season. Still, goaltending will be a question mark all season. We’ll also have to wait to see if the Leafs choke again in the playoffs.

We’re still a couple of months away from Qatar’s World Cup kicking off. Still, I spent some money today with European leagues halting for International Break. Usually, I’m gearing up with German Football stuff this time of year. Still, for the first time since 1986, Canada will compete in the men’s biggest tournament. You all know me for my American Football takes and analysis, but my favourite sport is soccer. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried when our Women’s team won the gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

Watching Christine Sinclair get her reward after being one of the world’s best players for years was extraordinary. Watching them do it on penalties was terrifying. I don’t have high expectations for the Men’s team in Qatar. But hearing Oh Canada before a game, watching Alphonso Davies, Jonathan David, and Jonathan Osorio in the red playing for the maple leaf may bring tears to my eyes again.

I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say about the World Cup in November, but for now, I’m just living in bliss, waiting for Canada to complete their 2022 World Cup campaign. BTW, Canada beat Qatar in a friendly today.

Everything about this tweet is bullshit. I’m a New England Patriots fan. I have watched the bandwagon load up, and I watched it unload when Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay. I have learned to spot a fair weather fan from a mile away. There are some new Buffalo Bills fans (Lochlin Cross). Still, the majority who are being loud and outspoken are the same fans who had to deal with 17 years of mediocrity. Bills Mafia has been one of the most loyal fan bases in the NFL. I used to say that the Bills had the second-best fan base in the NFL behind the Cleveland Browns. After I watch Browns fans defend sexual predator Deshaun Watson, I now declare Bills Mafia the best fans in the NFL. Buffalo fans have always travelled. They’ve always been rabid. The most significant difference is now they have something to brag about it. 

I’ve since learned that this video of Katelyn Ohashi is a couple years old, but who gives a shit, right? The fact that I couldn’t even straighten my legs as straight as she does, let alone do this killer routine, I’m just in awe. I’m not what you would call a gymnastic fan, but I appreciate it when something looks crazy fucking hard. I read an article that says Ohashi is no longer competing, but if you’ve got some time to kill, look her up on YouTube because it’s fucking awesome.

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