Video Proof Marcus Stroman Is A Complete Dick.

Feb 17, 2019

What a start to spring training!

Sportsnet:  The lightning-rod right-hander addressed media for 20 minutes Sunday after declining to do so a day earlier following his first side session, even declining a team official’s attempt to cut short the session.

“Mentally, I’m ready to perform, wherever it may be,” he continued. “I want to play here. I’ve been wanting to play here for a long time. I’ve been waiting to sign a long-term deal. I’ve been offered nothing. There’s no one that embodies the city of Toronto more than me. And you’re not going to find guys who want to come in and embody the city of Toronto because it’s just not natural, and I’ve taken a liking to that myself, and that’s been organic and natural, it’s not something I had to do. That’s something I wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to be here.

“I want to pitch in the American League East, I want to pitch against the Yankees, I want to pitch against the Red Sox. People shy away from that, people go and hide in other leagues. I’m here. I don’t care who’s in the box. I’ll face everybody. I couldn’t care less. I think that’s the type of mantra and type of confidence the city of Toronto needs.

What a little prick.   Day one and you fucking Napalm your Org, employer, and fans.  Smart.   You’re a joke of a teammate and no matter how carefully you choose your words, you’re transparent.  We won’t expect and realist piece from your Friend Arden on your latest courageous attempt to make us think is not what we can clearly see you are.  A spoiled little asshole who cares way more about what people think of you and clothing for smaller people than playing Baseball, being a teammate, or even being normal.

I know Shug did a piece on this already but Revenge Dean has been stewing over the ‘Blowshow’ since he blocked me for suggesting there was the rift with Sanchez.   I never tagged Stroman but he blocked me, so he searches his name on Twitter.   That’s complete Loserville stuff.  Proactively stalking people who say your name and blocking them in case they say something else.

All our bloggers follow him so I see it anyway.  Or on google.  Or Safari or anywhere I’m logged on or any hour of every day but whatever.  It’s the idea he plays the guy who doesn’t give a shit but every action indicates he’s just as insecure as the rest of us.  That’s what pisses me off.

Stroman is all ‘Me Not We’.  He’s arrogant, self-centered, insecure, small-minded, overly concerned.  I woulda thought an ERA of .554 would just be happy to make millions after seemingly not being able to do his job very well at all.

We all have different reset buttons I guess. I hope his gets pressed after getting traded to the Mets for some Big League Chew.

Let’s pray for the exit of the ‘Blow Show’ so we can get back to what we all really wanna watch.  Shapiro & Atkins screw over the fans and Vlad Jr for a whole season.

I’m openly going to be rooting against Stroman this year.  He completely deserves it.

I’ll be amazed if he’s in the rotation on Opening Day after this and if he is, I hope the Jays win every one of those games 21-19.

I hope he gets Lock Jaw and Dead Arm the same day and some kid gets a rash from his Tshirt.

Us too, dickweed.










Dean Blundell

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