Members of Korn, Slash and the Blundell network invaded the Kids on the Escalator Podcast!

brentonontour Jan 23, 2021

In case you missed the madness the other night, here is the full video and audio from a huge episode of the Kids on the Escalator Podcast! The show featured appearances by Ray Luzier (Korn), Brent Fitz (Slash/Toque/Gene Simmons), Todd Kerns (Slash, Toque), Mercedes Nicoll (4 Time Olympian), Jennifer Chefero (Shoot with Authority), and tons of special guests from the Dean Blundell Network!

“It came from the Basement” was the theme and our guests broke out their old retro toys, games, and whatever else they could find in a jam-packed 2-hour extravaganza!

Full Audio HERE and wherever you get your podcasts!

What’s in your basement?



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