Michael Porter Jr. Compared WNBA Players To Professional Ping Pong Players, Suggests Lowering Rims To Make It More Entertaining

Feb 4, 2024

Michael Porter Jr., a forward for the Denver Nuggets, recently sparked controversy when he compared WNBA players to ping pong players and suggested lowering the rims in women’s basketball to increase entertainment value. While his comments may have been well-intentioned, they highlight a troubling trend of undervaluing women’s sports and overlooking the progress that has been made in recent years.

Comparing WNBA players to ping pong players not only undermines the skill and athleticism of women basketball players but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes about women in sports. It’s a disservice to the countless hours of hard work and dedication these athletes put into their craft. WNBA players, like their NBA counterparts, exhibit incredible talent, strategic prowess, and physical prowess on the court.

Porter’s suggestion to lower the rims in women’s basketball for more entertainment value is problematic for several reasons. Firstly, it implies that the current level of play in women’s basketball is not entertaining enough, which is simply untrue. The WNBA showcases some of the most exciting and competitive basketball in the world, with players pushing the boundaries of athleticism and skill every game.

Lowering the rims would send a message that women need special accommodations to compete or be entertaining. This not only undermines the integrity of the sport but also reinforces outdated notions of gender inequality in athletics.

It’s important to recognize the progress that women’s sports have made in recent years. Leagues like the PWHL (Provincial Women’s Hockey League) have seen significant growth in popularity and recognition, demonstrating that women’s sports are more than capable of captivating audiences without compromising on skill or athleticism.

Rather than suggesting ways to alter the game to make it more entertaining, we should focus on promoting and celebrating women’s sports for what they are – dynamic, competitive, and incredibly entertaining. By supporting and investing in women’s sports, we can continue to challenge stereotypes and promote gender equality both on and off the field.

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