More States “Ban” Pornhub: Why Pornhub is Refusing to Comply with State Age Verification Laws

Jun 17, 2024

These are officially the Pornhub-free States: (Losers)

In recent years, several US states have passed laws requiring age verification for accessing adult websites like Pornhub. These (cousin fucker) states include:

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • Utah
  • Virginia

Now, it’s legal to have sex with family members, horses, and children under 18 in those states, but online porn is a no-go unless you are 18. It makes sense (in a Christian cousin fucking) kind of way.

The laws aim to prevent minors from accessing explicit content by mandating that websites verify users’ ages before granting access. However, Pornhub has refused to comply with these laws, citing concerns over user privacy and the potential for misuse of personal data.

Pornhub’s Stance on Age Verification

Pornhub argues that the age verification laws are ineffective and put user privacy at risk. The company has implemented robust trust and safety measures, including banning unverified uploaders, eliminating downloads, and partnering with non-profit organizations to combat illegal content. However, Pornhub believes that the only viable solution for protecting minors online is to perform age verification at the device level rather than on individual websites. By requiring users to submit personal information, such as government-issued IDs, to access adult content, these laws create a potential trail of who visited which site, compromising user privacy. Pornhub contends that this approach is flawed and ineffective, as users can quickly move to non-compliant sites that do not verify ages, potentially exposing them to more significant risks.

The Importance of Online Privacy

Pornhub’s refusal to comply with age verification laws highlights the broader issue of online privacy and the potential for government overreach. While protecting minors from explicit content is a valid concern, the methods employed by these laws raise questions about the balance between safety and privacy. Privacy advocates argue that requiring users to submit personal information to access legal content sets a dangerous precedent and could further erode online privacy rights. There are also concerns about the potential for data breaches and the misuse of personal information by malicious actors or government agencies.

A Call for Device-Level Age Verification

Pornhub advocates for a device-level age verification solution, which would allow users to verify their age once through their operating system or device rather than on each website. This approach would reduce privacy risks and create a more streamlined process for regulators to enforce age restrictions. By taking a stand against these age verification laws, Pornhub is drawing attention to the importance of online privacy and the need for solutions that balance safety and individual rights. The company’s refusal to comply has sparked debates and discussions, highlighting the complexities of regulating the Internet while preserving fundamental freedoms.

It’s also an excellent indicator of states run by religious dickheads who want to use these gov’t issued IDs to keep child marriages and animal husbandry on the docket for another hundred years while pretending not to be pedophiles and horse fuckers.

Dean Blundell

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