Musician Austin Archer Has A Question For Jordan Peterson

Joe Williamson Oct 26, 2022

If you don’t follow Austin Archer on TikTok, you really should. He’s funny, witty, musical, and not afraid to mix in more than his fair share of political commentary.

Today he posted a video that I thought would capture the hearts and minds of the Dean Blundell audience as we’ve been known to talk about Jordan Peterson from time to time. Austin has a very serious question for Jordan. “Are you alright?”


I have no idea what’s happening anymore.

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

There’s nothing quite like holding up a mirror to highlight someone’s unusual behavior and Austin is one of the best at it. You can tell he gets a kick out of it, much like our local heroes SheepKingJB or Caryma Sa’d, they do the lord’s work and we all benefit from it. So thanks Austin for this video. I’m sure the comments on it will be calm and resonable.

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Also, I need to share one of my favorite videos on the internet and it’s also brought to you by Austin. It’s a video I use quite frequently when Dean gets called a “soy boy” online.


My forever response when dudes show up in my comments with this nonsense.

♬ original sound – Austin Archer

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