My Conversation with Adam Growe (The Cash Cab Guy)

Joe Williamson Apr 6, 2022

Adam Growe is many things. He’s a Comedian, TV & Event Host, Corporate Entertainer and yes the former host of Canada’s much beloved Cash Cab. But in addition to all that AND raising three kids, he and his wife have also been Foster Parents for nearly a decade and that is his most imporant role.

In my conversation with Adam I ask him about his thoughts on being known as The Cash Cab Guy as well as his experience as a Foster Parent. Why did his family decide to do it? Isn’t it heart-wrenching giving up a baby after being with them for so long? Will and/or when will they stop?

Adam was extremly generous with his time and heartfelt with his answers. This interview was good for the soul.

Joe Williamson

Bald Canadian who didn’t play hockey until he was in his mid-thirties. Die hard Raptors fan who proudly admits he wept when they won it all. Loves talking parenting, politics, and all things pop culture.

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