My Experience At WWE Monday Night Raw

Aug 24, 2022

So folks, I know I’m the new hockey guy around these parts, but something you may not know about me is that I am also a massive fan of wrestling and the WWE.

Superstars descended on Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena for the first time for a Monday Night Raw taping in three years.

Thanks, Covid.

Now once tickets went on sale back in May, I shelled out the money, $200 to be exact, to sit second row ringside, and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.

This was my actual view before the show, and yes, folks, that is exactly where I was sitting last night.

But the atmosphere made the show; the crowd of over 14,000 was loud, rowdy, and going crazy for the three hours.

Toronto headlined the main event with Orangeville’s Edge, wrestling in Toronto for the first time since 2010 due to an early retirement via a neck injury, and picked up the win over arch-nemesis Damian Priest.

Now I know WWE and wrestling “isn’t real,” but it’s still real to me, dammit. I’ve loved WWE for 15+ years now, and even though I’m in my late 20’s now, I always get a kid-like joy when I go to a WWE show, which makes it unique, giving me all the feels. I think that’s what it is for adult WWE fans. It reminds us of being left alone by our parents for hours on end with our babysitters, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and CM Punk.

I’ve traveled all over the USA and Canada, seeing shows in other cities like Montreal, Hamilton, Buffalo, Philly, Brooklyn, Orlando, LA, Dallas, Miami, and New Orleans; nothing will beat a hometown WWE show in an arena I frequent often. Toronto loves its wrestling and has some of the most passionate WWE fans, which is why Vince keeps coming back.

Make fun of me. I don’t care. I dig this shit in a big bad way because I grew up on these storylines.

Caryma loves WWE too, so if you are going to shitpost me, shitpost her too.

She likes it more than me, so she’s a bigger nerd.

Wrestling only sucks if you don’t get it.  And trust me, Griff gets it.




Griff Bordignon

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