Nathan Jacobson: Plymouth Brethren Church asked me to ‘take out’ Justin Trudeau

Jun 3, 2022

He was once a political asset for former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He calls Benjamin Netanyahu a personal friend.

Yesterday, business mogul Nathan Jacobson dropped a bomb on Blackballed when he, along with self-professed political fixer David Wallace, claimed they were asked by a member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) to do ‘whatever it takes to ‘take out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.’

Jacobson said they punctuated their somewhat ambiguous request by saying, “name your price. ”

According to Jacobson and Wallace, Alan Hallman was also on the Zoom call, a notorious fixer for former Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, Rodney Diplock,  a high-ranking leader inside the PPBC, Brad Mitchell, another PBCC member, and Gerald Chipeur, a well-known attorney who was once the general counsel to the Conservative Party of Canada, now count the PBCC as a client.

“Chipeur is the key bagman for the Conservative Party in Alberta,” Jacobson said. “I would say he’s probably one of the principal bagmen and behind-the-scene influencers federal in the Conservative Party that represents the extreme right, religious fringe.”

The startling claim is part of a massive dossier called the Klondike Papers, which Blackball Media obtained after a story broke earlier this week that appeared to show Premier Doug Ford’s office was actively engaging in backchannel discussions with Kirill Mikhaylov, the Russian Consul General of Toronto.

The details of how Jacobson got wrapped up in this story stem from Wallace’s claim that Chipeur and Hallman retained his services to help track down a former member of the PBCC, Richard Marsh, a whistleblower. The latter blew the lid off an alleged PBCC scam that fraudulently siphoned millions of dollars from the UK’s National Health Service.

According to both Jacobson and Wallace, the PBCC told them Marsh had warrants for his arrest, but they discovered Marsh did not have any outstanding arrest warrants after some due diligence. When Wallace and Jacobson informed Chipeur, Hallman, and the PBCC that no such warrants existed, Hallman allegedly requested that they “grab Marsh and turn him over to us.”

“You got the wrong person,” Jacobson told them. He also said that when he was on the same call, he informed them that because of the attempted manipulation and what sounded to Jacobson like a request to help the PBCC kidnap Marsh, he would now do whatever it takes to protect Marsh from the PBCC.

Jacobson’s motivation for speaking out appears to be his longtime friendship with Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who he says is in bed with radical Christian groups like the PBCC. He says he still considers Kenney, a friend.

Jacobson took Kenney to Israel several times and said he appreciated Kenney’s steadfast support of the state of Israel.

Jacobson added that he is intimately familiar with how politics works in various countries and stressed the importance of having access to both bagmen and money.


*We can’t confirm any of what Mr. Jacobson told James Di Fiore, nor do we endorse it as truth. These are Mr. Wallace’s and Mr. Jacobson’s accounts of what they say are/were their experiences. 

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