New Podcast With Daren Millard: Doughty To Leafs Rumors, Daren Reads About Sex Island & 1/2 Of Us Were High

Dec 13, 2018

Not me or Daren.

Well hello, you.  Let’s talk.  You guys are terrific.  Thanks so much for downloading our podcast on iTunes.

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00:00   Show Open.  I dunno. I forgot. I’m already at 14 minutes, but It’s really good, I remember that.

14:00   Yunno that loser at the party you try to get away from?  You know the one.  Here Daren, Rookie and I do a little role-playing to give you a perfect example of my patented ‘Laugh & Walk’ move.  You’ll be able to work in any room if you can master it.  SERIOUSLY.

19:00   This is where the Nylander/Drew Doughty rumor gets dealt with.  I’m not saying anything because I still think it’s stupid, but it’s a rumor with legs.

35:00    Some 16-year-old kid won a trip to Sex Island, and his Dad is letting him go.  Let’s not judge because 16 is legal in Colombia and that’s where Sex Island is.  His mom is super pissed off that he’s going and his dad wanted to go too but he can’t cuz his wife is ‘Like That.’

45:00  We play “Google This!” With Millard. It’s based on something we are talking about, and because everything on his browser shows up on his home computer, I always try to get him to Google weird shit.  Today’s was Epic.

53:00   Will Daren EVER smoke weed??  I think he needs to and it will scratch the itch of trying to party when he doesn’t party.

57:00   Full Disclosure:  I brought some Shatter Bars (loaded with THC) to share with the crew today.  I’m a moderate guy because of my history but use it at parties & shit for anxiety.  Anyway, Producer Dan and Rookie ate some, and this is where the high kicked in.  Dan told the story about Wayne Gretzky asking him to play Kid Rock’s version Of Sweet Home Alabama on the Piano.  That started a bunch of Gretzky stories and I love Wayne Gretzky so much it’s childishly stupid.

103:00   Broadcast Dialogue did a lengthy article on our website.  Making news from the couch is the best.

110:00   This is where Daren dons the Shark onesie.  Really hot stuff on King St in Toronto.

Dean Blundell

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