New Trailer Alert: Chucky Is Back And Child’s Play 2019 Looks Scary AF

Shug McSween Feb 10, 2019

My mom brought me home a Chucky doll when I was 7 and when I was 11 I saw the movie and a week later burned him to the ground. That shit scared me for life, no chance he was staying another night in my house. Well, wouldn’t you know it, 2019 and the little fucker is back to scare the shit out of kids and adults alike. The movie comes out in June of this year and the reviews have been quite positive. Chucky has some technology upgrades and is about to modernize the shit out of killing people from the Toys section.

Here’s some more info on what to expect from Chucky in 2019:

Source: The new trailer for the Child’s Play reboot has landed, and it features a major technical upgrade of everyone’s favorite homicidal doll. The trailer opens with a commercial for the Kaslan Corporation’s latest model of the Buddi doll, a technically advanced AI reboot of Chucky. Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza) buys her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) the Buddi, but they quickly discover that the doll is hiding an evil secret. They are soon joined by Detective Mike Norris (Atlanta‘s Brian Tyree Henry) who is investigating a series of murders.

This is a big departure from the traditional Don Mancini Chucky origin story, in which the dying soul of a serial killer is magically transported into the body of the doll. Chucky 2.0 appears to be following a killer robot narrative. A visit to the Best Buddi website contains more information, including Buddi’s “20 sensors and cameras”, adaptive learning functions, and “cloud-backed voice recognition.” Chucky’s in the cloud now? We’re never getting rid of that guy.

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