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Apr 29, 2022

The second and third rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft is kicking off at 7pm est tonight. I will be live blogging about all the picks and trades as they happen on this post. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are scheduled to have the first pick of the second round.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock (pick #33)


With the 33rd pick of the NFL Draft the Buccaneers select Houston DT Logan Hall 


The Green Bay Packers have traded the 53rd and 59th overall picks to the Minnesota Vikings, for the 34th overall pick. The Packers are on the clock. – You have to assume it’s a WR 

The Pick is in 

Packers select WR Christian Watson

The Pick is in

Tennessee Titans select DB Roger McCreary


The New York Giants are trading pick No. 35 to the New York Jets of all teams! NYG get 38 and 146. – First the GB and MIN, now the two New York teams. Crazy start to the Draft. 

The Jets select Iowa State RB Breece Hall.

Don’t blink, day two is moving quickly and lots is happening early. Four picks in, two trades.


I can’t disagree with Sal. The Jest have had a fantastic Draft so far. Keep in mind the Patriots still have three pick today, we’ll have to see what Bill Belichick does.

Houston Texans select DB Jalen Pitre.

After trading up with the New York Giants– With pick 38 overall in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons are selecting DE Arnold Ebiketie,

Third trade of the day so far. While we wait to hear what the Chicago Bears are going to do, let’s take a breath. This thing is moving fast.  


As I was saying above, the Jets are taking the jump. The AFC East will be as stacked as the AFC West.

Update: I have to piss, but the Draft is moving so quickly I can’t get away from the computer. People better be reading this.

The Chicago Bears have selected CB Kyler Gordon

Rumour – Panthers Trading for Baker Mayfield

There is a rumour floating around that the Carolina Panthers will be making a trade with the Cleveland Browns for Baker Mayfield. – I predicted that Mayfield would be traded tonight. The Panthers said that they were out on Mayfield, thought only the Seahawks would be in the mix. Seahawks are on the clock, if they selecta QB, the Panthers may execute the trade.

the Seahawks have back-to-back picks, with #40 they select Minnesota EDGE Boye Mafe.

Seahawks have selected RB Kenneth Walker, didn’t go quarterback. I’ll keep an eye on the Mayfield rumours.

Quick Thought

We heard that teams really didn’t like the quarterback class. The seahawks selecting a running back is the perfect example. Only Kenny Pickett has been selected so far. Let’s also keep in my that Mayfield and Jimmy Garoppolo are still available for trade. If it doesn’t happen this weekend, it could happen soon after.


The Colts sent 42 and 144 to the Vikings for 53, 77 and 182. – The Colts have not drafted a player yet.

The Vikings have selected CB Andrew Booth Jr

I Need A Minute 

Andrew Booth Jr was seen as one of the top prospects in the NFL. I wanted the Patriots to draft Booth so fucking badly! This makes me hate the Cole Strange pick even more.

The New York Giants pick Kentucky WR Wan’Dale Robinson

Texans Trade Up & Take Patriots Top WR Prospect 

Texans Alabama WR John Metchie

Ravens select DE David OJABO

The Lions have selcted Josh Paschal

The Washington Commanders have selected IDL Phidarian Mathis with the 47th pick.

Important Update: 

Things chilled out a little bit, I was able to take a piss. I feel better.

Sean Evans announces Bears pick 

Not overly important to the Draft, but I fucking love Sean Evans.

Oh… The Bears are taking Penn State S Jaquan Brisker.

The New Orlean Saints are selecting CB Alontae Taylor

Fantastic Moment


The Patriots have traded up to number 50.

The Patriots have selected Baylor wide receiver Tyquan Thornton

Philadelphia Eagles select C Cam Jurgens.

Is anybody actually reading this?? If you are Tweet at me @dpn_ray and say “I love cookies”

George Pickens lands with Steelers at No. 52

I was a big fan of Moore heading into the Draft. The Chiefs had to address the WR position so this makes perfect sense. I also have to believe that this was there guy the whole time, because they wouldn’t have traded out of 50 if he wasn’t.

Also interesting to note, we just went on a three WR run.

Arizona made a huge move last night trading for Hollywood Brown and now they have gotten Kyler Murray another weapon to throw to. Clearly the Cardinals are trying to show Murray that they’re all in.

I think there was better options on the board at LB, however he may play a bit of safety hybrid, interesting pick for the Falcons.

I think this pick is actually reenforcing the fact that the QB market is weak. The Falcons need a QB.

This is the story that I am keeping a very close eye on. Baker Mayfiel deserves a chance to show what he can do, and the Panthers need a QB in the worst way.

Tampa Bay has a great pair of WR’s, protecting 45-year-old Tom Brady will be the most important part of the Bucs offense this season. I like the pick, it’s not sexy, but it’s essential.

Chiefs continue to address their secondary, they lost an All-Pro safety in free agency, so it makes sense. Physical player, going to bring toughness to the Chiefs defense.

The Bills needed a RB and they just got a homerun hitter both in the run and the pass game. If he can replicate his brother Dalvin BOOM!


That was a wild second round. Maybe teams can relax on the trades and just pick where there at this time around. Fuck.

Protect, protect, protect, Trevor Lawrence. Jacksonville is going to be better than people think. Getting him OL help is huge. Fortner has the ability to play C & G, great versatility.

Dean falling out of the first round was understandable. Falling to the third round is unreal. Either theres some shit that non of us know about, or he’s going to be a fucking steal!!

The Giants had no choice. Their offensive line was fucking horrible last season. they had to address it. Ezeudu has to work on his footwork (A trend for Giants OL), however very fixable.

The Miz announced the Browns pick, I enjoyed it.

Tough DB for a tough division.

Well the Titans needed a tackle and they took a tackle. A little weak, needs to get stronger. He’s got great feet, I don’t know if he’s NFL ready, but he will be one day.

I have to piss again… I may miss something… sorry

I thought this pick would have came earlier. Big body slot WR. He’s strong, plays physical, and he’s a special team returner (A Chicago special). Real story is, it took the Bears three rounds to finally get Justin Fields a weapon.

Seahawks are on the clock. Will we finally see a QB selected?

To answer my own question, no. This is the second lineman the Seahawks have taken. Are they setting up for a Baker Mayfield trade? Are the comfortable with Drew Lock? What the fuck are they doing??????

HOLY SHIT!!!! Ridder over Willis!!!! Malik Willis was the huge favourite to be the first QB taken in the Draft. Early into the third round only two quarterbacks have been selected and one is not Willis.

I like Harris, I think this is a good pick. I’m still shocked that Dean is still on the board.

The Ravens are having a fantastic Draft. This guy just eats double teams up. He’s the perfect Ravens player and perfect for the AFC North.

If this is true, it makes sense that he’s slipping. He’s a top 50 prospect. His health is obviously the big problem. Who is willing to take him knowing he has to sit out a year? Patriots?

The Broncos lost Noah Fant in the Wilson trade so it makes sense that they draft a TE,

Plays angry, like really fucking angry. I heard him compared to Brian Burns, which I won’t hold against him. I think Burns is a cry baby, but if I’m comparing him to Burns between the whistle, I’m good with the comparison. Atlanta trying to stay relevant after losing the three huge pieces of their offense over the last two years, trying to my defense their identity.

FINALLY! I still can’t believe that Dean fell to 83. Even if they have to red shirt him, the Eagles just got a first round talent in the third round.

The Patriots finally got their corner and I don’t hate the pick. His added kick of special teams makes sense for New England.

Finally Willis gets picked. the Titans need to move on from Tannehill sooner rather than later, and getting their QB in third round is big. Good move by Titans.

Whoa, this is starting to heat up.

I don’t hate… I’m tired…

Kyle Brandt is fucking awesome

I didn’t know Wayne Newton was still alive

The bucs took a running back… I’m really over this to be honest with you. I can’t believe I have another day of this

Carolina was trying to trade into the third round, as a Patriots fan this irritates me. They still haven’t taken a linebacker, and now I have to listen to Patriot fans whine about it.

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