Nick Nurse Out As Raptors Head Coach

Apr 21, 2023

Whomp, there it is…

Nick seemed pretty detached over the past year. Nick sounded off a month before the season ended when he said, “fuck this place,” so his firing/leaving isn’t a surprise. It’s tough to win every year when you win a Chip in your first year with that team being handed to you.

Woj says he’s going to Houston. Good for Nick.

Your NEW HC? Ime Udoka – former Celtics H.C. fired for banging a woman in the front office.

Ime is a good coach. Adrian Griffin and Earl Watson are good coaches. I’m sure Fran Vogel is a good coach too. Coaches don’t win games, though. Players do, and our players aren’t as good as players on other teams, no matter how “home-grown” or undrafted.

The Raptors are a below-average team because they have average players in a league full of above-average players and superstars.

I love F.V.V., but he doesn’t deliver EVERY night.

O.G. Plays Defence, but he takes weeks off at a time and is injured at an Anthony Davis rate.

Scottie Barnes regressed in a BIG way this year.

Pascal is their best option, but I’d let him leave too.

There isn’t a piece on the Raptor team I wouldn’t trade to rebuild. The Raptors are a B.O.G. (Bunch of Guys) with no real personality, direction, or superstars and a bored coach.

Blow the whole thing up, Masai. Please do it. Go full OKC Thunder and stock draft picks for 15 years. We’re all game.







Dean Blundell

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