No. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Is Not A Real Thing. It’s Just The Religious Crazies Looking For Medical Freedom

Jun 5, 2022

If you haven’t clued in yet, remember: Anything extreme and false comes from the religious righties or extremists on both ends who don’t give a fuck about anything other than ethical subterfuge.

“Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” is trending on this beautiful Sunday because the religious right and conspiracy knobs want you to be afraid of vaccines because they think vaccines are a sin against God.

It’s so fucking old, and it’s boring.

Religious extremists, like Brian Cox, use the death of any vaccinated person to vilify vaccines like it’s their gotcha moment.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is called Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, or SADS. is when someone dies suddenly following a cardiac arrest and no apparent cause can be found.

Source: Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome is when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly from a cardiac arrest, but the cause of the cardiac arrest can’t be found.

A cardiac arrest is when your heart suddenly stops pumping blood around your body. This stops your breathing and starves your brain of oxygen.

The rhythm of your heart (which controls your heartbeat) is controlled by electrical impulses. If the electrical impulses go wrong, it can cause an abnormal heart rhythm known as an arrhythmia. Some arrhythmias can be dangerous if they’re left untreated, they can cause a cardiac arrest. Your heart’s rhythm and electrical impulses are no longer there after death, this means an abnormal heart rhythm can’t be found and the heart’s structure will appear normal. This is why the cause of the cardiac arrest can’t be found and SADS might be diagnosed.

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome affects around 500 people in the UK every year.

You may also see sudden arrhythmic death syndrome, or SADS, being called sudden adult death syndrome. 

It’s called a heart attack. A good old-fashioned, unexplained heart attack.

You see, our bodies are a wonderland of surprises. You might be walking around with a medical condition or blockage you know nothing about.

That’s the beauty of life, kind of. We don’t know when it’d going to end, and we don’t control it despite what Brian and the other pea-brained religious maniacs tell you. Yes, before the pandemic and before vaccines, human beings died unexpectedly due to genetic issues, and that number has not changed due to vaccines, you dumb fucks. Seemingly healthy people have been dying of heart attacks to unexplained brain aneurysms for tens of thousands of years.

Don’t beleive me? Ask the good people at the Canadian SADS foundation who’ve been bringing awareness about SADS to us for DECADES.

Also, the story Brian put out about the Nova Scotia Dr. dying from SADS is over six months old and makes no mention of his vaccination status, which means Brian’s a fucken idiot. They all are.

The next time you see #TrudeauDictatorship or #SuddenAdultDeathSyndrome trending, remember, it’s pure bullshit delivered by Jesus freaks and Christian nationalists who want to scare idiots into doing dumb shit for Jesus. They want to do these things TO YOU, not for you, so treat them all like the bottom-feeding losers they are.

It’ll make the world a better place.





Dean Blundell

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