Nokha Dakroub Talks About the Mississauga Mayor By-Election

Jun 18, 2024
When Bonnie Crombie stepped down as Mayor of Mississauga to be the Ontario Liberal Party leader, it triggered a by-election to replace her in the city’s top seat. Twenty people put their names in the ring to run for Mississauga Mayor. Of those twenty, four rose to the top as contenders for the job. Dipika Damerla, Alvin Tedjo, Steve Dasko and Carolyn Parrish. A close four-way race emerged, with polls showing Carolyn Parrish maintaining a lead while Dipika Damerla and Alvin Tedjo bit away at her support bit by bit. However, at the end of election day, Carolyn Parrish emerged as the duly elected Mayor of Mississauga. This was the first election in Mississauga’s history, with a real contest. No long-time incumbent, or heir apparent to the position, this was an election where real ideas were presented to Mississaugans. So, what is the future of Ontario’s third-largest city? And what will the impact be on Ontario’s provincial politics as politicians adjust to new political leadership at Mississauga City Hall? That’s where our guest comes in. Nokha Dakroub, a former school board trustee, co-hosted the Beyond the Ballot podcast for Sauga 960 AM for this by-election. She followed closely the ins and outs of the election and today she joins us to discuss how the election played out, what the people of Mississauga are expecting of their new mayor and how this will shape Peel and 905 region politics for the foreseeable future. It takes money and time to do this podcast. We love doing what we do, but please consider supporting us if you can so we can keep improving, and keep paying the bills. You can become a monthly or yearly patron on our website at We didn’t like sharing your generosity with that other ‘patron’ website, so we created our patron system. Become a patron, get member benefits and our eternal gratitude, and know that you’re not mainly funding some crummy web company in the US. Win-win! Or, why not buy us a coffee? Nicholas Paul: sound editing. The Quadrafonics: fantastic opening and closing tunes!

Joel MacLeod

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