NYPD Investigating Kristaps Porzingis For Allegedly ‘Punching’ and ‘Raping’ Black Woman Calling Her A ‘Slave’

Mar 31, 2019

Before you read this story, know that rushing to judgment hurts the alleged victim and perpetrator.

Also know he’s a mega wealthy basketball player and there’s a flotilla of bad women out there who look for stuff like this to get rich quick.

Former Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis allegedly called a black woman a “slave” and a “b—h” as he beat and raped her, according to a report.

The 7-foot-3 athlete, who is white, is accused of referring to the woman as “my b—h” and “my slave,” adding that he owned her, during the alleged Feb. 7, 2018, sex assault in Porzingis’s Manhattan penthouse, according to TMZ.

The woman made the claim to cops, the Web site said.

Law-enforcement sources told The Post — which broke the story Saturday that the NYPD is investigating the rape allegation against the hoops star — that they could not immediately confirm that he used the vile language.

Hours after suffering a gruesome knee injury during a game, Porzingis, 23, allegedly punched and raped the 29-year-old woman inside the Midtown skyscraper where they both lived, sources told The Post.

Porzingis, who now plays for the Dallas Mavericks, has denied the allegations and said through his lawyer that the accuser tried to extort him.

Ohhh.  That’s some greazy shit.

Then again Latvians aren’t known for their tolerant racial/sexual preference views.

83% of Latvians ‘Don’t Trust’ gays and they score near the bottom of the LGTQI Worldwide Rights Index despite recently electing two openly gay politicians for the first time in its country’s history.  The only countries with worse scores, Chechnya and Russia who Claim a zero percent LGBTQ rate.

when you realize schitts creek GIF by CBC


One of the biggest parades in the Latvian Capital of Riga is a remembrance march for NAZI SS troops who died in World War II.

The March to the Monument, celly’s the memory of those who died trying to eradicate, Jews and anyone not white establish one world order.

I guess the history lesson is Latvian’s are generally racist as fuck and it’s entirely possible the biggest honkey from the whitest country in Europe treated a woman of colour poorly.  You never discount a victims story so Kristaps is probably 65% guilty according to public opinion.

Point being, it’s entirely possible a white man of privilege from Latvia treated a person of colour poorly.  Porzingis through his Lawyer said his client is innocent and it’s just a shakedown for money.  That’s what they all say.


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