Okay, Toronto. The rest of Canada doesn’t care

Iain McLetchie Apr 12, 2019

Yeah. The title says it all. A bit aggressively. But it’s true.

We get it, TO. Your hockey team is in the playoffs.

So are Calgary’s and Winnipeg’s. And they both have a chance to do something this spring, not that you’d ever know

It was 16 minutes, by the way.

After a Leafs preview, and a Leafs panel, and an Auston Matthews cologne update, then a Masters recap, then a commercial break.

We’re tired of it out here. We don’t care about your hockey team.

This, below, this is everyone outside the GTA.

Bruins in four. Please. And Vancouver loves to hate Boston, after that 2011 ass-kicking. And no, Canada doesn’t love the Raptors.

Quit telling us we do.

Iain McLetchie

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