Old John Wayne Interview Unearthed. John Wayne Was Not A Good Person So That Will Be Fun For A While Huh, Internet?

Feb 19, 2019

Understatement really.  John Wayne was what was referred to back then as a Christian Republican.

Now we now call them a racist, homophobic, sexist assholes, and rightfully so.  Reading stuff like this about John Wayne sucks however I can Guarantee not one person complained when the interview first came out.   Racism/sexism/ homophobia are harmful constructs for the stupid in 2019.




I’m conflicted about this not because I agree with John’s fucked up, interview with PLAYBOY in 1971.   Nooooooo.   But I’m starting to get tired of people Outing someone for outdated and hurtful views from a 48-year-old interview when those views were considered the norm.

I’m always reminded of the interview Sean Connery gave to Barbara Walters about his views on hitting women, and when they deserve it:

Meh, this is different but the same.

BTW, It’s still acceptable to ‘lightly’ hit a woman in Russia.  In fact, they made it legal.


Source: The law was drafted by Yelena Mizulina, an ultra-conservative MP who was also behind the controversial Russian law banning “gay propaganda”. She told parliament that “in Russian traditional families, the relationship between parents and their children is built on authority and power”. She said it was ridiculous that people could be branded criminals “for a slap”.


Hot stuff, Russia.

I don’t have an issue branding some of these people what they are but my theory is if they died before we all got woke, Maybe leave those guys alone.  Like the Nazi-leaning Kennedy Family.  John F’s dad was a certified Nazi Sympathizer, but his son was shot in the head and gave herpes to Marilyn Monroe who then gave it to Hugh Hefner who then gave it to like 10k women.  True Story.  Somewhere out there lots of you have a strain of Presidential Herpes.  Fact.

It sucks to find out childhood heroes were actually enormous assholes.  The upside is it’s way nicer to live in a world where that doesn’t sound normal anymore.  A gay couple in a TV commercial doesn’t look weird anymore and my neighbors happen to be two super smart women and one of them loves to smoke pot, so we’re pals.

That’s the lesson I take from stories about John Wayne being racist or any other folk hero from 100 years ago who married a 13-year-old Like Jerry Lee Lewis or slept naked with little girls as Gandhi did to “test his will power”.

The lesson?  The world is fucked and used to be more fucked.  We’re smarter now and less fucked which is why this looks waaayyyy more fucked.

cyrus matters GIF


It appears John Wayne was a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, at least until 1971. Let’s yell and scream for a while and go through Burt Lancasters past, or noted super-racist Charlie Chaplin’s or better yet, your parents and grandparents.


John Wayne said one of the most politically brilliant things I’ve ever heard.  I watched an old Doc on the Duke (conveniently, the racism and sexism, etc, was left out) when we were allowed to like him.   Still remains true and really sums up how I feel about the left and right today.  I could give a shit how you identify, who’s the best person for the job…

As you were.


Dean Blundell

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