Opinion: Can We Cool It With All The F*ck Merchandise?

Joe Williamson Aug 22, 2022

Fuck Trudeau.

Fuck Trump.

Fuck Biden.

Fuck Hilary.

Fuck Republicans.

Fuck You, Doug.

I get it. It’s a versatile word that helps get across your message, but I’m tired of the Fuck merchandise (with one exception, and that is the “Fuck off, you fuckwads” line which goes to charity)

I have no problem with the word “fuck”. It’s the best. I use it all the time, but I don’t own or wear any merchandise with the word because I have a 6yo and 3yo at home, and I try to avoid swearing in front of them. Am I perfect at it? Fuck no. But I don’t think I’ve dropped an F-bomb yet.

Like any parent, I try to avoid certain situations until I think my kids are ready to handle them, and trying to explain why a truck has a “Fuck Trudeau” sign painted on it, is one of them. I can hear them now. “Who’s Trudeau?” “What’s fuck mean?” “Why does that truck have testicles?” – It’s a lot to unpack on the way to soccer practice.

All the studies I’ve read say the same thing about swearing and kids: it doesn’t matter. It’s all about what you want as a parent for your family. I would argue that most parents would prefer their children avoid casual swearing until their teenage years when they are able to understand the words and the context behind them. It leads to fewer misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations. I can’t think of a single parent who would want a call from a teacher because little Timmy told Mrs. Smith to “fuck off” because it was time for math.

And this stance isn’t something new since I became a parent. I’ve always been conscious of these sorts of things. I’ve always wanted that Johnny Cash Shirt with the middle finger up but couldn’t envision an “appropriate” time to wear it…maybe I’m just soft.

So maybe, just maybe, we can cool it with the Fuck merchandise for a bit. After all…

I hope Dean and Loch don’t fire me over this since 90% of our merchandise is from the Fuck Line.

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Joe Williamson

Bald Canadian who didn’t play hockey until he was in his mid-thirties. Die hard Raptors fan who proudly admits he wept when they won it all. Loves talking parenting, politics, and all things pop culture.

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