Opinion: “I’ve been trying to figure out why this St. Brigid’s Squatters Rally has been bugging me so much”

Aug 26, 2022

I’ve been trying to figure out why this St. Brigid’s Squatters Rally has been bugging me so much.

They’re not as loud as Convoy 1.0, they’re not causing major traffic disruptions (although I have seen on several occasions people slow down and yell things like “YOU’RE NOT WELCOME HERE”), nor are they crippling downtown Ottawa businesses and our economy.

I don’t live next door, I’m just a few blocks away, and I see it every day as I walk to the gym or on my drive down Cumberland St. to get home.  Lowertown has been my home for the better of the 10+ years I’ve lived in Ottawa.

Fellow residents and I use humour to deal with this absolute circus, but I’ve confirmed with many that it’s straight-up PTSD from January and February.  I understand it’s a different situation for police, and they can’t just physically remove them (or use horses, dammit). But the energy of their “meetings”, verbiage and pathological lying is disturbing and all too familiar.

It’s the flags in the back. The light “maintenance” they’ve done to the building. The doomsday red doors. The vehicles adorned with “F*ck Trudeau” stickers. The recent “adopt a neighbour” tents taunting our beautiful neighbourhood and its residents.  We hit “eviction” day, and they’re wearing crowns, dancing on the stairs, and spraying reporters with water guns.  It’s the “we’re not leaving” talking points.


The longer they are there, the more audacity and privilege skyrocket.  Copy + paste.

It is Convoy 2.0, but a hint crazier than its predecessor.

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