Parker on joining the Patriots: “I chose to get traded here, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Apr 22, 2022

Nobody wants to play for Bill Belichick. The only reason people ever wanted to join the New England Patriots was because of Tom Brady… That’s the narrative, it’s also not true. 

Earlier this offseason the Patriots made a trade with their AFC East divisional rivals the Miami Dolphins and acquired former first round pick wide receiver DeVante Parker. Rumours started swirling after the trade that Parker and his agent worked a deal to make sure that Parker ended up with the Patriots. That had people like me banging my chest, because I was so sick of nobody wanting to play for Bill Belichick, no fun culture, nonsense. 

Parker met with the media for the first time since the trade, and Parker made it clear that he chose to be traded to the New England Patriots. Parker’s not the first player to express that they had a desire to play with the Patriots. 

Some Patriots fans may remember when former Philadelphia Eagles’ cornerback Jalen Mills signed with New England, he admittedly “freaked out” when he met Bill Belichick for the first time. Newly signed Jabrill Peppers who joined the Patriots after a stint with the New York Giants said he joined the Patriots because he wanted to play under Belichick and play under the Patriots defensive system. 

At the end of the day, New England is a little bit more of a desirable location for players than maybe the media, fans, and critics want to admit it.

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