Patriots Bandwagon is Unloading… Again

Mar 18, 2022

Remember between “1996 – 2019 the New England Patriots went to ten Super Bowls and won six of them? I remember that, apparently Pats Nation has forgotten, and they are getting out of dodge as fast as they can.  

Bobby Thompson Tweeted this ridiculous little take today: “@ezlazar and @RealAlexBarth both just summed up this #Patriots offseason perfectly. This team is doing a disservice to the Fanbase. They are not investing in this roster, sure they did last year but this year they were massive holes that are not being filled. Going backwards”

Maybe Patriots fans need to talk to some Buffalo Bills fans who actually went through some hard times.

On the newest episode of the Dear Pats Nation podcast with Ray Rauth, Producer Mike and I discuss the Patriots lack of free agent moves, Pats Nation freaking out, the toxic Boston media, a Patriot’s YouTube creator proudly jumping on on the Las Vegas Raiders bandwagon, and some of the other big stories happening around the NFL, like Baker Mayfield requesting a trade after the Cleveland Browns tried to obtain Deshaun Watson. 

Spoiler alert, I think the Patriots will be the third best/worst team in the AFC East.

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