Pierre Poilievere’s Beard Wife Has Entered The Shit Posting Chat

Aug 24, 2022

Pierre Poilievere’s “wife,” Ana, is just as pathetic as he is. That’s a shame.

In response to Pierre’s meeting with alt-white supremacist, Diagolon founder Jeremy Mackenzie, Pierre’s beard of a wife, Ana Poilievre, used a blog post Pierre had written by his employees at “True North News” about all those times Justin Trudeau met with pedophiles, extremists, and supposed nazis.

Standard stuff for a Stepford wife.

The blog post is hilarious. It lacks everything from punctuation to receipts, but that doesn’t matter to Ana and Pierre. She wants whatever Pierre wants, and she better do what he says or so-help her.

True North News is run by known racist/white supremacist and Christian nationalist Andrew Lawton.

He’s a dumb racist cock who’s an agent of the Conservative party of Canada. He bought a defunct non-profit website a couple of years ago and, with Pierre’s and his people’s help, turned it into a firehose of fake bullshit to attack anyone they want with disinformation.

True North is to news what John Wayne Gacy was to babysitting.

Here’s a taste of who Andrew Lawton is. I find it rich that this sweaty, mentally ill fuck wrote a piece on the wrong people Trudeau has met with a history like Andrew Lawton’s.

Andrew is a cock. Plain and simple. A useless bag of milk who can hide his mental illness and hate long enough to pretend he’s a journalist for a few hours a day.

Pierre’s proxies pay BIG for his help which is why Pierre hasn’t denounced his meeting with Jeremy Mackenzie. He’s one of them. He’s not a journalist; he’s a diabetic ball of hate for Muslims, gays, POC, and Trudeau.

And Pierre is just the kind of pussy to make his ‘wife’ shitpost an article from Andrew’s cute minor hate operation.

By the way, Trudeau has been the PM for seven years and meets with all kinds of people with dark pasts and secrets. Like Pierre’s “who’s your daddy” secret, everyone has them.

Right, Pierre? We’ll do those secrets next.




Dean Blundell

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