Pierre Poilievre Does NOT Need A Background Check To Become The Prime Minister Of Canada. Not Good.

Jun 29, 2024

Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre has come under scrutiny for his refusal to undergo the background check required to access classified information from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP). This decision has raised questions about transparency, accountability, and national security. Here’s what we know, and none of it is good:

Background on Security Clearances for Parliamentarians

In Canada, elected officials considered for ministerial or parliamentary secretary appointments must undergo security background checks. These checks are arranged by the Privy Council Office (PCO) and include:

– Records checks with the RCMP and CSIS

– A review of tax compliance

– An examination of bankruptcy and insolvency records

Additionally, parliamentarians must renew their background checks when they marry to ensure new family members do not pose a security risk.

Poilievre’s Refusal and Possible Reasons

Pierre Poilievre has consistently refused to undergo the enhanced security clearance process required for NSICOP access. While he has not provided a clear explanation for his refusal, several theories and rumors are circulating:

1. Political strategy: Some suggest Poilievre is refusing clearance to maintain “plausible deniability” and the ability to criticize the government without being bound by confidentiality[7].

2. Personal concerns: A thorough check could reveal unsubstantiated rumors about potential issues in Poilievre’s or his wife’s background. Google the Galindo/Prado family and Farc. Interesting shit.

3. Principle: Poilievre may view the clearance process as a “dumb trap” designed to silence opposition, as Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet suggested.

Law Enforcement and Security Experts’ Perspectives: “Pierre Is Dodging It”

Security experts and law enforcement officials have emphasized the importance of all party leaders undergoing background checks:

– The RCMP and CSIS conduct these checks to ensure the integrity of Canada’s national security.

– David Harris, a former CSIS intelligence operative, has stated that the criteria for government employee security checks should apply to elected officials.

Can Poilievre Become PM Without a Background Check?


There is no explicit legal requirement for a Prime Minister to have undergone an NSICOP background check. However, it would be unprecedented for a PM to lack this level of security clearance, and no one does anything unprecedented better than Pee Pee.  The situation raises concerns about a potential PM’s ability to access crucial national security information.

Political Motives? Oh, Yeah, Daddy. 

Poilievre’s refusal may serve several political purposes:

1. Appealing to his base: By portraying the process as unnecessary or intrusive, he may resonate with supporters skeptical of government overreach. This bit plays perfectly to his incredibly stupid base. Criminals love sticking it to the man.

2. Avoiding potential scandals: If there are concerns about what a background check might reveal, refusing it prevents those issues from coming to light. Pierre’s name and the names of several of his associates are all over this NSICOP report that detailed sitting foreign interference in his leadership campaign, and it’s ongoing.

3. Maintaining flexibility: Without clearance, Poilievre can more freely criticize the government on national security issues without being bound by confidentiality agreements. This is his bullshit excuse. You don’t shine National Security information when you’re vying to be the PM because you want to weaponize ignorance. If you do, you’re not a serious fucking human interested in the safety and security of the people you say you want to serve. It’s pretty fucking simple.

Pierre Poilievre’s refusal to undergo an NSICOP background check remains contentious. While he is not legally required to do so as an opposition leader, it raises questions about transparency and preparedness for potential leadership roles. As the debate continues, Canadians must weigh the importance of national security protocols against political strategies in assessing their leaders.

Maybe the most concerning thing is he doesn’t have to have his security clearance to be PM. That should make every Canadian shit their hockey pants.





Foreign Interference: Two-thirds, including majority of CPC voters say all leaders should read NSICOP report


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Pierre Poilievre, who refused top-secret clearance access, has now reversed his stance on the foreign state-linked Canadian assassination, suggesting that intelligence agencies/government are taking action incorrectly and requesting more public evidence.
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Why does Pierre Poilievre keep refusing to be enhanced-cleared & briefed?
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