Pierre Poilievre Made A Video About Wood. It Got Weird

Jul 3, 2022

Canadian Conservative leadership candidate and the physical embodiment of a piece of white paper, Pierre Poilievre took to twitter today to show rally his base and “Reclaim what has always been yours”. In this 4 min video he talks about how loves his wood and how he cleaned it by hand. Yeah, its weird.

Because the internet is awesome. It took about .2 seconds for the them to start clowning about how weird the video is. I, of course had to chime in on this as well. Here are some of the best moments in the short time this tweet has been alive.




Leave it to Skippy here to put what he thought was a motivational video only to be absolutely dragged through the mud by the comedic individuals on Twitter.

As some people have pointed out in the replies. What a lot of these talking heads do is put out these videos about “Taking back your own” and “Protect your rights” as dog whistles for the far right to rally and grow. It’s populism at work.


Thanks so much for the morning laughs PP. I needed that this Sunday morning.



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