Pierre Poilievre Premieres Pretend Pleasant Personality. (And Twitter responded!)

Jason Pugh Jun 29, 2023

I and many have been saying for a while now that the more people get to know Pierre Poilievre, the less they will like him.

It would appear as though Team PP are well aware, so they gave him a makeover before today’s presser.

It’s like Pierre was the star in his own episode of The New You!

It wasn’t just taking off his glasses and putting on a sweater. It was also his demeanour.

Here’s a clip of him talking about green energy while giving off ALL the weird energy:

(That was a perfectly normal, not awkward at all, presser.)

Here’s how Twitter reacted:

Jaro Giesbrecht (@JaroGiesbrecht):

Without his glasses, what’s Poilievre going to grab onto when he tells a lie?


I hope he’s gonna SAY GOODBYE! (But not until after losing the next election.)

Handmaid for the Council of the Defeated (@HandmaidAlberta):

I can’t explain…

Sharon G (@FinethenBthtway):

Glasses aside, I don’t think Poilievre will be able to keep up this ‘calm demeanour’ act for long. It’s just not who he is.

Pam Mc (@canuckbabe70):

Of course, I tweeted about it but had to include Pam MC’s reply. Too perfect! Literally a before & after comparison.

Now before anyone out there clutches their pearls and asks how dare I make fun of someone for their looks.

Well, I’m not. We’re not. I and others are just pointing out what a phony the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition is.

As I said in my tweet, we have almost twenty years of “before” pics/vids of him spending his entire adult life being Harper’s yapping attack dog.

Nobody’s buying this calm, nice guy act.

Nice hair, though!

Jason Pugh

Jason Pugh

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