Pierre Poilievre smiles as heckler gets violently thrown out of rally

Jason Pugh Jan 22, 2024

For any of you who haven’t seen it yet here’s the video of the man being ejected:

User @HandmaidAlberta is right. The leader of the ‘free speech’ party doesn’t seem to really like free speech now, does he?

Yes. That’s exactly who PP sounds like.

Dylan (@duffduck2), who uploaded the video, claimed that a Palestinian protestor was thrown out. However, what the protestor/heckler said is not shown in the video.

The heckler was violently slammed onto the ground by someone holding a “Stop Trudeau” sign. So that guy is obviously not security or a police officer.

What was Pierre Poilievre’s reaction to the heckler being violently thrown out?

He immediately had to shoehorn in that this lone man somehow represented the entire Liberal Party of Canada. Or something.

Here’s the clip from his rally:

    (I’m not gonna link to PP’s video here.)

“The Liberals are getting desperate today, aren’t they? They’re very desperate!

In fact, watching the man getting violently thrown to the ground put a smile on Pierre Poilievre’s face:

So he silences that ONE GUY who was at his rally then says, what? That Justin Trudeau sent that guy to try to silence him and his supporters?

Always, always, always playing the victim.

It’s not the first time that he’s made such a claim. Remember this?

That was during Pierre Poilievre’s first press conference as leader of the Official Opposition.

Pierre Poilevre called David Akin a “Liberal heckler.”

David Akin. Enough said.

He called his first presser but didn’t want to actually take any questions. You know, because he’s such a strong leader and all. Yet when Mr. Akin tried to do his job as a journalist and ask Pierre a question Pierre’s first instinct was to call him a “Liberal heckler.”

Then he did it again, with this newest incident.

So is he just lying to the base right to their faces?

Or is this projection? Another one of those ‘every accusation is a confession’ situations?

Afterall Pierre Poilievre hired Jeff Ballingall to run his leadership campaign.

Canada Proud paying people to wear banana costumes, push anti-Trudeau campaign

Canada Proud paying people to wear banana costumes, push anti-Trudeau campaign

So perhaps PP naturally assumes that the Liberals are paying people to show up to his rallies and harass him?

Then there was today’s presser where PP managed to throw in the odd word or two in between saying “Justin Trudeau.”

Seriously, it was almost comical. Looked and sounded like a This Hour Has 22 Minutes sketch.

PP is Bananas.


Jason Pugh

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